Memories of Reach additional info

So the Livestream just ended. Almost 2 hours worth.

Here are some things we learned.

Memories of Reach comes out TOMORROW!

Lots of Forge things coming. Textures! We will now be able to applied preset textures to all of the primitive pieces. These include Covie themed, wood, metal and more. As well, there are at least two overlays. Blood and grime!

Jorge’s Turret gives the spartan added damage and protection. No other abilities can be used when wielding the turret though.

For Infection, 3 of the dev made maps have been ‘infected’. There will also be 9 community made maps introduced into Infection.

Grifball will hang around for about another week as fixes to that game mode will be introduced with this update. Then it goes away for a time being.


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