Halo Wars 2 BETA and pics!

First, let me say these are “rumored” to be in-game images. Until 343 or MS have confirmed this,. please treat as such. I found these via a post on reddit/halo.

The image below has been circulating for a few days. No word on if it’s official or not, but I figured I’d include it in here as well. (Though from the Beta screenshot, it seems legit.)Halo Wars 2 Cover RS

There will be a Beta and it’s SOON!!!

Halo-Wars-2 Beta RS

For ONE week, starting June 13 through June 20, we will get to experience Halo Wars 2 for the first time. This in Beta form! I am SO psyched by this!!

Let’s take a look at some in-game images (again these are rumored and not official, yet)

These 4 show a UNSC march of some sort. To where? And more important, where are they currently??Halo-Wars-2 Woodland troop march RS  Halo Wars 2 Green Pelican and troops RS Halo-Wars-2 Light Bridge RSHalo Wars 2 Woodland battle RS

A battle breaks out!Halo Wars 2 Pink splosion RSHalo-Wars-2 Red Vulture 2 splosion RS Halo-Wars-2 Red Vulture RSMMM, just LOOK at that Red Vulture!! SWEET!

Covenant forces make a return! Nice to see the Locust make a come back!Halo-Wars-2 Wall RS

Well…what have we here??Halo Wars 2 Alien bug craft RS

Okay, so that blue ship is likely a Covenant. It’s a BRAND NEW vehicle. Is this the descendant of the Phantom? Will it replace that craft? It looks MEAN!

Well, there you have it folks, you’re first glimpse at Halo Wars 2. What do you think form these few pics?

On another note, I have some other potential spoiler news for Halo Wars 2. A friend of a friend (so take that for what it’s worth)  said that there will be a NEW alien race introduced via Halo Wars 2! Is it Covenant aligned? Might this be the Precursors? Or something altogether different?

Keep checking back folks as I’ll post the news on Halo Wars 2 as I get it!

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  1. Nice job, I also see if new 6 legged covenant vehicle 6 pictures down by on top of the red vulture. Also, in some of the pictures you can see the the Cyclops and the Kodiak

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