Halo Wars 2: Behind the Scenes, Interview, Multiplayer and Tutorial Videos!

There has been so much Halo Wars 2 news to come out over the course of the last couple of days. I would have posted this earlier, however, I’ve been BUSY playing the Beta itself.

Let’s start off with a cool BTS vid!

I don’t know about you folks, but there are a LOT of screenshots I got from this video! So many cool things in it!

Here’s an interview vid with Dan Ayoub. (Not ether interviewer says 3-43 instead of 3-4-3…

Here’s the official Multiplayer vid from E3:

Whew, screenshots galore!

As for the tutorial, I was having an issue getting the whole thing to record so I could post it here. So…plan B. Look it up on YouTube and post someone else’s. Ugh…

Again, yet another vid I’m getting some great screenshots from!

I’ll be posting more Halo Wars 2 stuff today and as more becomes available. So stay tuned, friends!


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