Halo Toy Previews: Newly Announced Halo Mega Bloks sets!!

A friend shot me a quick tweet letting me know that there are some new sets that have shown up on the Toys R Us (Canada) website. (Thank Kevin!)  I should also note that these are for PRE-ORDER only, ATM.

For those not in Canada, you won’t be able to order them as ToysRUs.ca does NOT ship outside of Canada… BOOO!

Anyway, here are THREE new sets!

Arena Champions Battlepack:
Sells for $29.99 (Canadian)
Estimated shipping date is 9/30/16.

The official Blurb from TRU:
Gather your Spartans and prepare for a contest of ultimate warrior skill with the Arena Champions Battle Pack by Halo Mega Bloks! With four different Spartan teams assembled, this expansive multi-character pack features 16 different highly detailed, super-poseable Spartan micro action figures in either red, blue, white, or black armor. With each figure featuring a different armor variant and their own authentic weapon accessory, you can customize your Spartan teams, gearing them for a battle of the best! Ideal for ages 8 and up.

HFFL: For 16 figures, an extended display and exclusive flag, this at $30 Canadian is definitely worth it. Here is the list of figures:

White Team:
Mark VI, EVA, Orbital, Pilot
Red Team:
Recruit, Soldier, Hunter, Warrior
Blue Team:
Protector, Defender, Recon, Copperhead
Silver (or maybe dark grey):
Scout, Gungnir, ODST, Mark VI

Next up…

Cobra Clash:
Sells for $64.99 (Canadian)
Estimated shipping date is 7/29/16.pTRUCA1-23616855dt
TRU’s blurb:
Battle erupts on the arctic expanse when tank meets turret in the UNSC Cobra Clash by Halo Mega Bloks! A Marine and a Spartan in Copperhead armor charge ahead with their Cobra, narrowing their sights on enemy forces at the controls of a Covenant Turret. Build the turret and the Cobra, then set your tank to mobile mode as you advance on the enemy Elite Minor and Grunt Minor. With the target in sight, fold up the Cobra’s rear wheels and clamp down its legs to go into lockdown, combining the twin Light Rail Guns to deliver a crushing blow to the enemy’s artillery. Featuring detachable armor and authentic weapons and accessories, the highly detailed, super-poseable UNSC and Covenant micro action figures come ready for a heated firefight on the frozen wastes!Ideal for ages 8 and up

HFFL: As to what the Covenant thing is? I am not sure. TBH, it kinda looks like an Elite’s head on a swivel, LOL. Seriously though, that’s COOL!pTRUCA1-23616855_alternate1_dt
This set features the following:

  • Buildable UNSC Cobra tank with arctic camo finish, rubber wheels, and rotating turret
  • Put the Cobra in lockdown when you flip down the legs and combine the twin Light Rail Guns into one roof-mounted weapon
  • Buildable, swiveling Covenant Turret
  • Four highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures include one Marine, one Spartan Copperhead, one Elite Minor, and one Grunt Minor
  • Figures comes with removable armor and authentic weapons and accessories

This marks only the second time a Cobra has been made as a set. It is the FIRST time it has come in Arctic colors. The original was electronic. No word yet on if this one is too.pTRUCA1-23616855_alternate3_dt
I’m ALWAYS down for more army builders and this set delivers there with 3 of the 4 figures being army builders.

Last but more CERTAINLY NOT least…..

Spirit Dropship!!!!
Sells for $279.99 (Canadian)
Estimated shipping date is 9/09/16.

OMG!!!! Finally we are getting  Spirit! Am I disappointed it’s not the original design and is instead the Halo 5 design? NO WAY. I LOVE this design! It fits much more with the fluid/organic shapes of Covenant ships. At a WHOPPING 25 inches long, you better make some room for this bad boy!
TRU’s blurb:
A behemoth of the skies, the Covenant Spirit Dropship looms over UNSC territory, ready to deploy its Covenant forces! Featuring authentic detailing and dynamic features, this Signature Series large buildable Covenant troop carrier aircraft comes with a collection of highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures, both Covenant and UNSC, each with removable armor and interchangeable weapons and accessories for ultimate display!
The set features:
Multiple egress hatches; armory; accessible cockpit; 5 Grunts (4 purple, 1 white or silver); 1 Elite Commander and 1 Zealot Elite; and a Buildable base to display the Spirit!

This is a thing of beauty, IMO! And yes, it IS the signature set for this year. Well, that’s what Mega said during Toy Fair this year, so I’m going with that…

WHEW! That is a LOT of Halo Mega Bloks goodness coming soon!

So will you be getting any of these? If so which ones?

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5 thoughts on “Halo Toy Previews: Newly Announced Halo Mega Bloks sets!!

  1. The turret in the cobra set is a covenant base turret from the first Halo Wars, from the look of it I’d say it’s a tier 3 or fully upgraded one.

    • Is it? Huh, I’ll have to check that. It’s been awhile since I played the OG HW.

      • Yeah it can be found in Halo Wars and in Halo Assault/Strike if IIRC.

        Anyways, what’s your thoughts on repaints? I don’t think anyone really wanted an Arctic Cobra…

      • Overall I’m not a big fan of repaints. However, there are exceptions. In this case, having an arctic version is fine to me. Examples of repaints that I don’t like? MANY of the original Cyclops sets. Those initial 4 were the only ones that should have been produced. Forest, Jungle, Desert, and Arctic camouflage repaints are fine with me. Those make sense as the occur in our present day militaries around the world.

  2. ^

    While I do agree that the number of Cyclops Mega Bloks has released is excessive, each Cyclops is different at least and not just a straight-up repaint. Regardless though, Mega Bloks did go pretty overboard with that mold.

    I dunno, I usually view repaints as lazy but I understand why companies do it.

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