Toy Review: Halo Mega Bloks Covenant Silver Combat Unit Set #97002

Covenant Silver Combat Unit: Set number 97002

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 minute sorting, 1 minutes build. Total 2 minutes.

Set Piece count: 42
Minifigs: Silver Combat Elite, 2 Silver Grunt Minors, extra Head and Arms of Silver Ascetic Elite.
Weapons: Plasma Rifle, Needler, Plasma Pistol, Focus Rifle, 2 Translucent blue sticky grenades.
Special Features: N/A

Price/Value: $12 US

This is a good set for army building, though there really weren’t any silver grunts. Still, they look sharp! A nice assortment of weapons, though they are all purple with no extra detailing. The Ascetic Elite pieces are very well painted and have nice detailing.

Here are the pics.
Click on images to see a larger version.


Summary: I liked this set for a few reasons. Multiple Grunts, Ascetic Elite (my favorite Elite armor from Halo 3), and the Combat Elite can be used as Shipmaster R’tas Vadum. I bought two of this set so I could have both versions of the Elite and extra grunts.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 medals!


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