Toy Review: Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Desert Combat Unit Set #97027

UNSC Desert Combat Unit: Set number 97027

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 minute sorting, 1 minutes build. Total 2 minutes.

Set Piece count: 53
Minifigs: EVA Spartan, Marine (blue eye plate), Marine (full gold goggles); extra CBQ helmet, torso; Scout helmet, arms.
Weapons: Sniper rifle, SMG, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle
 2 Marine backpacks
Special Features: N/A

Price/Value: $12 US

This is a good set to complement previous desert themed sets like the Wal*Mart exclusive Covenant Strike Playset. Or the recently released UNSC Armory Pack (set 97023). Knowing that this set was coming out, I bought two extra of the Armory set to make the other Spartans from this Desert Combat Unit set (you’ll see in the pics below). The detailing on these figures is fantastic. It’s a good army building set if you’re building a desert theme.  I happen to have something special planned for my UNSC Desert forces. You’ll see that in a few weeks.

Here are the pics.
Click on images to see a larger version.

And now for the variant Spartans. As you can see I left the original EVA Spartan intact and made the variants from the Armory base spartan.

Summary: These coupled with the Mk IV Spartan and the EOD Spartan from the Armory set make for a formidable squad of Desert Spartans. It’s a good set to get, especially if you want more marines. I really like that MEGA added backpacks to the set and love the 2×2 UNSC tile. That’s going to be used elsewhere.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 medals!


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