Less than 70 days/10 weeks until Halo 4!

It’s getting ever so closer folks. Are you getting excited? I’ve been anticipating the return of Master Chief for some time now. It will be good to play as the Chief again. I can’t wait to see how Cortana goes crazy. I hope the battles against the Forerunner forces are epic.

There’s already been a lot of info released about Halo 4, yet there is so much more to know. I hope we get to see some pics of the other maps. I’m still placing my bet that the next map shown will begin with the letter “O” since the first three, Haven, Adrift, and Longbow have been shown. Spell out the first letters of those three then add the hoped for “O” named map and you get “HALO.”

Okay, yes, I’m showing my nerdy side, but don’t I always on my blog? LOL

Besides, I have an excuse, it’s my birthday today!


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2 thoughts on “Less than 70 days/10 weeks until Halo 4!

  1. Happy birthday, hope you have a great day!

    Ha! I hadn´t noticed that the maps they released spelled ¨Hal¨ so far… good observation!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an incredible day. I for one aren’t too excited to be completely honest, but I do know I’m getting the limited edition by tradition.

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