HFFL’s Fourth Annual LAN: Schedule of Events

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This weekend on Saturday and Sunday from noon-8pm EST, I will be hosting the FoUrth Annual HFFL LANstravaganza.

Admission: $20 per day or $30 if you attend both days.
Food and soda is included with price of admission. As well as a small door prize, while supplies last.

There will be raffle tix for sale for a mix of Halo Swag. Value is no less than $50 for the prize. Tix are $5 each. Need not be present to win.

If you’d like to attend, please email me at: sal@halofanforlife.com. I will give you the address of the location then. As this is my home address, you are NOT to share it with anyone. I prefer everyone not know where I live as a matter of personal privacy. Please respect that.

The schedule for events is as such:


  • Noon -2 pm HFFL Tatoos! Yep, some of us have already decided to get a Halo related tattoo in celebration of this event. The emblem we are getting is as follow:


Ignore the little gear in the corner. Anyway, the emblem is that of the Official HFFL Spartan company. We will be taking a short drive to a local tattoo parlor to get this done. For those not wishing to get the tattoo, I will be giving a short tour of the area that the parlor is called the “Southside” and has many shops, cafes and bars.

When we get back, I’ll hand out some small goodies as door prizes. I have a VERY special giveaway this year.

Here’s a little preview of that…
SHAE_SHATZ_sangelios_establishing_vision PREVIEW

  • 2-2:30 pm “Show and Tell” First, I’ll be showing most of my Halo swag from between last year’s LAN and this year’s that I got. Attendees are encouraged to bring something Halo that they own. Try to bring something unique that you’d like to talk about.
  • 2:30-4 pm Custom games. I have.a map I’ve been working on that we will be play testing. The hopes is to get it into BTB Matchmaking in Halo 5.
  • 4 pm Break for Eats!.
  • 5 pm Halo Mega Bloks building contest for prizes.
  • 6 pm FFA Tournament. We will play the first two legs of the tourney which is a double elimination tourney.

This will conclude Saturday’s portion of the LAN.*

*  However, as per tradition, We will be going to Primanti Bros restaurant after. This is not mandatory for attendees. Rather, think of it as the after party. We may go see a movie after Primantis. Subject to group vote.


  • Noon: Warzone/Warzone Assault/Warzpne Firefight.
  • 2 pm: Halo Trivia contest for a prize.
  • 3 pm: BTB matchmaking
  • 4 pm: Break for Eats!
  • 5 pm: FInal portion of FFA tournament.

Immediately following the FFA tourney will be the raffle pick for the mix of Hallo swag, again, value of no less than $50, though it may be more depending on if I get a sponsors package in time for the LAN.

Anyone wishing to stay past the 8pm end time is welcome to as we expect to continue gaming well into the evening. Perhaps another late night Primantis run?

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