Halo 4 Promethean AIs and Weapons!

Revealed through Gameinformer, the following images show some new Promethean AI classes as well as what is known, and new and formerly shown weapons. Enjoy

First the AIs:

The Promethean Knights are slightly strange looking and definitely give off an “alien” vibe. Still bi-pedal, but with 4 arms, they look strong. That huge hunchback seems a little out of place, though as you progress through the shots of the different variants you see how this changes. The Lancers have wings (Red Bull anyone? LOL). Commanders got some distinctive coloring and the Battlewagon those awesome hard light spikes.

Even the crawlers get upgraded. Though it doesn’t really say what the difference is between the regular crawler and the Snipe version, the Snipe looks more menacing. The Alpha Crawler without a doubt is already my favorite as I really like those spikes.

Maybe I just like spikes coming out of enemies. Hunters from the Covenant are among my favorite and yep, they have spikes too.

And now for the weapons:

These weapons have a familiarity about them even with their alien looking design. The Binary Rifle is particularly sleek as is the Light Rifle. The Scattershot looks like it can pack a hefty punch.

While these are all a changing of the guard so to speak from Covenant to Prometheans as the main adversary, I can honestly say I’m ready for the change. The enemies look great and the weapons are extremely cool looking!

I can’t wait to get my hands on the toy versions of these!!!

-Sal (HFFL)

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