The 12 Days of Halo Toy Reviews: Day 8; Mattel Spartan Locke


Spartan Locke

Technical Specifications:
• Ball Joint Head
• Ball Joint Shoulders
• Hinged Elbows
• Ball Joint Wrists
• Swivel Torso
• Partial Ball Joint hips
• Double Hinge Knees
• Ball Joint Ankles
Accessories: Battle Rifle, Plasma Caster
Additional Contents:
• Instruction sheet showing how to put the armor on
• 2 small pins to attach weapons to figure
Cost: $15-18 (US) depending on where you buy it at retail
Availability: Mass Retail (I got mine from Toys R Us, on sale for $12!)

Locke is one of the figures in the first series of Mattel Halo action figures. The package comes with a “build-a-figure” piece of a Promethean Crawler.

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

As with the other Matel Halo Action FIgures, the packaing here is good. The large window on the front allows people to see everything included. mt-spartan-locke-box

The insert cardboard can be used as a backdrop if you so wish.  Nice little addition

Here is what you get in the box. Take a little care when popping out the Battle Rifle. That was the only piece that gave me a little resistance. I do not think it would break, but better safe than sorry, right?mt-spartan-locke-contents

The next two graphics are of the instruction

Folded out, the sheet clearly tells you where the armor goes. I’ll add to this in a

Ah, the Plasma Caster. A new weapon introduced into Halo, via Halo 5. I’ve VERY happy this was made and included so soon in Mattel’s run of Halo action figures!mt-spartan-locke-plasma-caster

Locke’s BR. Good detail here. The white logo stamp on the rear end of the BR is crisp!mt-spartan-locke-br

These are two pins included should you choose to attach the weapons to the figure. With both of these weapons being large though, realistically, you can only store one at a time. No worries.

Let’s take a look at how the armor is attached.

The shoulder armor wraps around the upper arm. Note the small pin near the bottom of that armor piece, as well as the corrsponding hole near the bicep. For the forearm armor, you need to pop off the hand, slide the forearm armor into place, then pop the hand back on. mt-spartan-locke-arm-armor

The thigh armor fits on similarly to the shoudler armor. Wraparound and pin in hole. The only thing I don’t like about this piece of armor is that it leaves a gap on the inside leg where it should be completely

The calf armor is in two pieces. Once again, pin to hole. Here though, you want to make sure you press the two pieces firmly together after they have been put into place on the leg. Doing so should keep a seam from showing. Below, I didn’t quite press hard enough… ;Pmt-spartan-locke-calf-armor

The foot armor fits on just like a show. There is a small discrepency here as the foot armor should have more of a split between the big toe and the rest of the toes. mt-spartan-locke-foot-armor

And finally, the “Butt Plate”. This of any of the other pieces you should take extra care with, once you’ve attached it to the figure. Since it doesn’t wrap around or slide on to the figure like the other pieces do, it may fall off. The only thing keep it on is the pin. Mine hasn’t fallen off yet. I’m just making a note of it for

Alright, let’s have a look at the fully assembled figure. Left to right Locke is symmetrical with exception to the yellow paint on the

A great amount of detail on the figure here. There are even the varying shades of armor

The line work on the yellow ‘arrow’ on the helmet is well done. Glad of

Just look at all the detail on the back! Ha, and some folks were worried that there wouldn’t be detail there. The hole on the back is for one of the pins to go into, should you choose to store either of the weapons

Even the abdomen armor is very well done. Again, varying colors’shades of armor and the sculpt is fantastic.

Now as to the articulation. It’s awesome! Below I clearly show what type of articulation the figure has. Beyond that, several poses you can put the figure

Spartan Locke, reporting for duty!mt-spartan-locke-pose-1

The figure can easily hold the Plasma Caster with both hands!mt-spartan-locke-pose-2

What light through yonder window breaks? (That Locke, he’s such a drama…well, nevermind, LOL)mt-spartan-locke-pose-3

~~Walk like an Egyptian~~ (Yeah, that was the song my wife was playing about the time I was posing the figure, so I thought, why not try to pose it like one of the hieroglyphs?)

Last but not least, the Crawler piece included. This is the front half of the body. On ce I have all of the first series of Mattel Halo figure toy reviews complete, I’ll have another specifcially for the

Sculpt: Well done. The thigh armor pieces do not completely wrap around the thigh, so there is a gap at the inner thigh. There is another small discrepency between the figure and the in-game character. apart from what I mentioned earlier. That being the Calf armor. There should be a protrusion coming off of it that isn’t on the figure. You can see what I mean from the graphic below. 9 of 10
Articulation: As you can tell by the various pics above, Mattel has done a great job with adding articulation into their Halo acrtion figures. 10 of 10 medals.
Paint Application: The paint is very here. Paint on the armor and weapons is crisp. 10 of 10 medals.
Accessories: The Battle Rilfe is Locke’s weapon of choice. The addition of a Plasma Caster though was a big bonus, IMO. Very happy to have that. 10 out of 10 medals
Playability: Standard playability. It can be pose in many positions. Pretty durable, just take care not to lose armor pieces. I suggest glueing them into place. But of course, that is your decision. 10 of 10 medals.
Overall: 49 medals out of a total 50 medals.

Do I recommend this product? YES! Mattel did a great job of manufacturing a Locke figure.  This really is a great representation of Locke.

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