The 12 Days of Halo Toy Reviews: Day 9; Mega Bloks Covenant Wraith Ambush

Mega Bloks has changed it’s name to Mega Construx. For the sets I’m reviewing that still have the Mega Bloks logo, that will be present in them. The sets that are now Mega Construx will have that logo. With a possible one or two exceptions, starting in 2017, all Mega reviews will be Mega Construx instead of Mega Bloks.

MB grey logo

Mega Bloks Covenant Wraith Ambush

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 30 minutes sorting; 2 hours building
Set Piece Count: 640
Minifigures: Elite Minor  (Silver, 343 style); Elite Commander (Silver, 343 style), Red Helljumper Spartan
Accessories: Storm Rifle, Energy Sword, Saw, Railgun, Target Locater, BUildable Missile Pod, UNSC weapons drop pod
Special Features: Front hatch opens/close; forward “mandibles” on wraith have ball joint that allows for some movement of them; rear plasma cannon hatch folds open and close, cannon pivots up/down, plasma turret rotates; small fins on either side near mid of wraith have ball joints that allow for repositioning; extra plasma shells stored on rear sides of wraith; plasma shells can be fired
Cost: $50 US (Mass Retail)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

The front of the box shows a cool action shot. Note, the energy effect on the bottom of the Wraith is just a part of the box art and not an actual part of the set. mb-covie-wraith-atk-box-front

The back of the box shows some of the articulation of the Wraith, as well as the figures and the destroyed mongoose.mb-covie-wraith-atk-box-back

This is what you get in the box. Plenty of baggies of parts, 2 instruction manuals, a REQ Pack code, and some baseplates.mb-covie-wraith-atk-contents

The pieces have been sorted out. You will need a space of about 4ft wide by 3 ft deep to lay all your pieces out, if you sort them like me. I used my dining room table for this.mb-covie-wraith-atk-sorted

The first part of the build is the terrain sectoin and destroyed mongoose. There are not enough parts here to build a complete mongoose. The mongoose is turned on it’s side and held in place by a couple of pins. I found this part of the build a little tricky as the mongoose kept coming off the pins, while I was finishing the terrain section. So I suggest finishing the terrain section first, then putting the mongoose on. mb-covie-wraith-atk-mongoose-set

Okay, let’s get into the build of the Wraith itself.

We start by building the front section of the Wraith. It’s pretty sturdy here and can easily sit on a flat surface without tipping over. Not those big silver balls that jut from the sides. those are for the, what I’m calling “manidbles.”mb-covie-wraith-atk-steps-1

The driver’s section is rather spacious for one figure. What’s cool is that Mega gave us 2 printed slope pieces for controls. Very nice touch!mb-covie-wraith-atk-steps-2-a

The front section of the Wraith gets built up more. We put on thrusters. So far so good. No issues with the build.mb-covie-wraith-atk-steps-3

Next, we work on part of the rear that will eventually house the plasma cannon. mb-covie-wraith-atk-steps-4

This shot shows a large piece. We’ve seen this piece before. It’s been part o the Covenant Sniper tower, AA Cannon and more. Here it’s pure indigo, as opposed ot having painted sections as in the past. mb-covie-wraith-atk-steps-5

More of the front it built, including the front hatch. Now, at this point, the Wratih’s form isn’t too bad. The hatch isn’t as smooth as I’d like it to be, but decent enough.mb-covie-wraith-atk-steps-6

We build the mandibles. I wasn’t thrilled with the shape of these as it’s bulbous in some areas and angled in others. This part could use a redesign in future releases of the Wraith. I do like that they attach via a ball socket and can be moved around and repositioned.

Back to the back… More of the plasma cannon housing is built and we add on some “greeblies” such as the side fins. Note that here is where you build into the back, the hooks for the extra plasma missiles. That may not be game accurate, but for a toy, it’s a GREAT idea. Helps to not lose those parts so easily!

The plasma cannon is built. It pivots up with the use of two joints. One at the front, that you can see easily here by it’s angled up bar, and the other at the bottom back section of the cannon.

The plasma cannon sits pretty flush inside the housing. At bottom of the graphic below, you see the side hatches attached. Side note, remove those fins you put on earlier, to make it easier to put the hatches on. Trust me here as you may likely knock them off anyway while attaching the side hatches. Then just put the fins back on after you’ve added the side hatches.

Add on a plasma turret and we’re just about done. mb-covie-wraith-atk-steps-11

Now for the figures in the set. Below you see we get a Silver colored Elite Minor and Commander, as well as a Red Helljumper Spartan. mb-covie-wraith-atk-figures

Views of each figures.mb-covie-wraith-atk-ortho-elite-minormb-covie-wraith-atk-ortho-elite-commandermb-covie-wraith-atk-ortho-spartan-helljumper

We also get a nice little assortment of weapons with the set. A Storm Rifle, SAW, Railgun, ENergy Sword and in the middle a Target Locater.mb-covie-wraith-atk-accessories

These were the parts I had left over. Strange that I had such a large indigo slope piece. mb-covie-wraith-atk-leftovers

And finally, the finished set. mb-covie-wraith-atk-final

Summary: This set is fairly simple build. I put it at about the intermediate build skill. A good selection of figures and weapons as well as a neat little buildable terrain area round out the set nicely.

Overall Rating: I give this set 8 out for 10 medals.

Why did I give it a 8 out of 10?
• The biggest point off here is the clunky look of the mandibles. They are not smooth at all. Part rounded, part angular. They do not look like the in-game vehicle. This was my biggest disappointment with the set.  I had to take off 1.5 points off for this. I do hope this section gets a redesign for future Wratih sets.
• The only other small issue I had was with how the mongoose kept popping off the pins on the terrain section. Ultimately, I just took the pins off and let the mongoose just sit on it’s side naturally. Half point off there.

Other than those two issues, the set is solid. Some nice details, including those printed drivers section slopes, the side fins and the plasma cannon housing help the build out.

Let me break down my opinion of the value of this set. (In US dollars)
Each figure plus one of the weapons equals $3.50 each. $10.50 total
Partial Mongoose and terrain section $3 total
Additional weapons and accessories $3 total
Wraith $35
TOTAL: $51.50

This puts my estimate just above the normal retail price. So thats a good thing. As well, since the set includes 640 pieces it’s well below the guideline for price per piece which is 10 cents. At the guideline, the price could have easily been $64. If it were that price, it would have been to much for what you actually get in the end. So the retail price of $50 is a very good deal.

Do I recommend it?  YES. However, if you’re looking for gam accuracy, then you may be disappointed here. Personally, I do not think we needed the destroyed mongoose and terrain sections, but it’s a nice addition.

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