The 12 Days of Halo Toy Reviews: Day 12; Mattel’s Spartan Helioskrill


Spartan Helioskrill

Technical Specifications:
• Ball Joint Head
• Ball Joint Shoulders
• Hinged Elbows
• Ball Joint Wrists
• Swivel Torso
• Partial Ball Joint hips
• Double Hinge Knees
• Ball Joint Ankles
Accessories: Plasma Pistol, Needler
Additional Contents:
• Instruction sheet showing how to put the armor on
• 2 small pins to attach weapons to figure
Cost: $15-18 (US) depending on where you buy it at retail
Availability: Mass Retail (I got mine from Toys R Us, on sale for $12!)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

I think maybe because the color red is my favorite, this figure looks better than all the other ones in the same packaging from Mattel. Regardless, it has the same big window on the front that allows you to see what all is included within. On the back it shows the spartan without it’s armor on, as well as the weapons included and the other figures in this

The insert cardboard piece could be used as a backdrop for you figure, should you choose to display it. mt-helioskrill-insert

Here is the plastic tray with the figure and parts. You also get a small instruction sheet. Note that the Helioskrill comes with the two FRONT legs of the

Various views of the figure. There is a LOT of detail here in the sculpt. I highly recommend you open the pic in another window to see it in greater

Close-ups of the figure’s detail. I really like this helmet. Definitely reminds me of an Elite’s head. Mattel did a fantastic job with the sculpt overall. The thigh armor is particularly awesome as it has the cutouts present. Lots of white pinstriping add nicely to the paint application of the figure!mt-helioskrill-detail

You get a Plasma Pistol and a Needler Rifle, each with a pin to attach to the figure if you

The Plasma Pistol stores easily on the thigh and can be held by the figure with no

While there is a peg hole on the back of the figure, it’s a little tough to get the Needler to fit between the shoulders due to the size and shape of each. The paint on this and the Plasma Pistol and fantastic. I REALLY like that the needles are translucent pink. As you may know, I’m a HUGE fan of clear toys, so this is always a nice addition. One thing cool to note is that the figure can hold the Needler by either one OR two hands!mt-helioskrill-needler

Here are the two front Crawler legs. I’ll have a review for the cralwer itself, once I complete the reviews for the rest of Series 1 of the Mattel

The Helioskrill can perform a Spartan slide quite well. Er, well, at least be posed as doing that!mt-helioskrill-pose

Speaking of posing, the articulation is awesome. There are s TON of poses you can put this and the other Mattel Halo figures into. Really great work here!mt-helioskrill-articulation

Sculpt: Extremely well done. Looks like the in-game armor. I’m not just happy, but impressed with the sculpt of the armor of this figure. Mattel could have cheapened out and took a lot of short cuts here, but they didn’t. 10 of 10 medals
Articulation: As you can tell Mattel has done a great job with articulation for their Halo acrtion figures. Superb! 10 of 10 medals.
Paint Application: The paint is nicely done. THe white pinstriping is a nice touch and way to bring out additional details. The green visor color is VERY cool! Just so happens, this figure works as a Christmas Halo figure too! (That’s why I’m posting it on Christmas Eve!! Hint to anyone buying Halo merchandise for their loved ones…) The only slight issue I have is that the armor looks very plastic. A slight varnish coating would have helped to make this look more metallic. It IS a toy however, so I can’t knock it too hard for that. 9.5 of 10 medals.
Accessories: Its nice to get more alien themed weapons. The Plasma Pistol and Needler are very much iconic weapons of Halo now. 10 out of 10 medals
Playability: Standard playability. It can be pose in many positions. Pretty durable, just take care not to lose armor pieces. I suggest glueing them into place. But of course, that is your decision. 10 of 10 medals.
Overall: 49.5 medals out of a total 50 medals

Do I recommend this product? YES! An outstanding figure. This is the FIRST Helioskrill figure to be made by Mattel. It was also available as a San Diego Comicon exclusive in different packaging, during the summer of 2016.

At the $12 I paid for this, it’s absolutely worth it! At retail prices ranging from $15-18, I still think it’s worth it. So if you’re looking to start a Halo action figure collection, I firmly feel you can’t go wrong with Mattel’s Halo action figure line.

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