The Month of Master Chief January 2017 (1/17) Feature 1: Fan art

There is a TON that can be said about Master Chief and we will explore much of that throughout the month. While there is much to discuss, there is alos much to SEE. And fans from around the world have responded over time with some amazing pieces of artwork. Today I’m sharing one of mine, another I altered from someone else, one my wife created as a short series of art and pencil art from a fellow fan.

If you’ve been following the blog for sometime these will be familiar to you as I’ve posted them here previously.

First up is my take a making a piece of word art of Master Chief. halo-4-master-chief-in-words-600x463This took quite awhile to not only get the amount of words necessary, but also the right placement and size of each, as well as color. I think it turned out pretty good. WHat do you think??

Here is the original I used to develop this from:halo4_master-chief-10_tif_jpgcopy-600x430

Next up is a piece of art I altered from another fan. First here is their artwork:

I then  removed all the sword and non character shadow from it to get this:
Then through a process in photoshop, I added color, shadow, highlight and a background taken from a screenshot I got in Halo 3, to get this:arby-chief-clip-art-for-inking-fin-w-hffl-wm-468x600

You can see more of the process I took to make this HERE.

I asked my wife to create a few Retro style pieces of artwork for Halo. SOmewhat reminiscent of the Jetsons cartoon. Here is her Master Chief interpretation:

And lastly (for this article anyway), is a fantastic color pencil art by Abe’s Monkey:

You can see how he created this HERE.

These are just a few of the pieces of fan art I’ll be showing all month. If you’ve seen or have created some great Master Chief artwork, please feel free to share that with me, if you want me to post it here on the blog.

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  1. All of those are amazing! I can only imagine how long it took to find enough words, then place them all perfectly in the first. I’m looking forward to the posts in the month of Master Chief.

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