The Month of Master Chief January 2017 (1/17) Feature 5: Halo 5 Master Chief renders

While Chief has undergone a number of armor changes over time, today we are going to look at the Halo 5 version with some renders previously released by 343.

Regardless of which armor Chief has worn, he’s always looked strong. Even standing here looking at something, we know not what, he appears to be ready to take action at a moments notice.

“Thought I’d shoot my way out.”h5-guardians-render-masterchief-01-png

Has anyone ever tried to run and gun in real life? It’s not THAT easy folks. Especially if you want accuracy. Chief though? Yep, he can do it all!h5-guardians-render-masterchief-02-pngh5-guardians-render-masterchief-03-png

How grand does this pose look? It exudes confidence not arrogance. Strength not dominance.And most certainly conveys more than a dash of intelligence!

What’s great about these graphics is that you can put them into another picture without having to crop them out as it’s already been done for you!

Keep coming back folks, still LOTS more Month of Master Chief to come!

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