Official Halo Wars 2 Logos and Guideline Usage!

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Here are the OFFICIAL Halo Wars 2 logos and avatars. Below is a guideline graphic for how to use them on your sites. If you do, please relink back to here and put either my name or website as credit for having supplied them. Thanks.

Use this guideline when posting these official logos.HaloWars2_Logo_Guide

The Color Logos: These 2 files are PNGs and do NOT have backgrounds to them. This makes it optimal if you want to post them elsewhere and not have to crop out the background!

To be used on dark/black backgrounds.HaloWars2_Primary_Logo_OnBlack

To be used on White/Light backgrounds. (Yes, I know this shows with a black background on my site. That’s just the settings I have. HaloWars2_Primary_Logo_OnWhite

Black/White logos: These logos do have a background of white. However, if you use photoshop, it’s easy to get rid of the background by applying the “Darken” layer setting. That will drop out the white background and leave you with the image. If you want to have these in white instead, then you will need to inverse the curves in photoshop. Then use the “Lighten” layer setting. That will drop out the black and leave the white remaining.


Note that the Banished logo has a touch of grey in the middle. The method used for dropping out the white will work and you will see a very faint grey line. However, if you inverse the image to make the logo white, that grey strip will disappear when applying the technique mentioned above.HaloWars2_Banished_simple

Two avatars for your social media use!
HaloWars2_OnBlack_64X64 HaloWars2_OnWhite_64x64

A big thanks to Jeremy Cook of 343 for supplying these to me.

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