Halo Toy Review: Hot Wheels Halo Vehicles

Hot_Wheels_logoHot Wheels Halo Vehicles

This isn’t named as such, but for the sake of ease for future reference, we will call this Wave 1. This wave includes the following vehicles:
• UNSC Mongoose
• Covenant Ghost
• UNSC Warthog
• Banished Wraith
• UNSC Scorpion

The cost per vehicle is $5 each. They can be found at major retailers. Mine were found at Wal Mart.

HW Halo GROUP Carded
The cardback is common the vehciles. HW Halo Carded BACK

Let’s take a look at each vehicle shall we?! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

UNSC Gungoose
The carded vehicle has a scene of Sanghelios, the Elite’s homeworld on it. The light tan is a good contrast to show the vehicle inside.HW Halo Carded Gungoose
Ortho views of the Gungoose. The wheels spin. Much of the grey parts are plastic, while most of the rest of the body is metal.HW Halo Carded Gungoose ORTHO HW Halo Carded Gungoose views

For the size of this vehicle, I say it has pretty good detail. I’d have liked to have seen the wheels have the actual in-game tread on them. Otherwise, it’s a cool little toy.

I give this an 8.5 out of 10. Just a little more detail as well as the wheel tread being game accurate would have made this a 10 for me.

Covenant Ghost
A scene from Meridian is the pic on the card for the Ghost.HW Halo Carded Ghost

Ortho views of the Ghost.HW Halo Carded Ghost ORTHO
There are no moving parts to this toy vehicle. Surprisingly there aren’t even wheels underneath to roll it along. Instead, as shown by the pic below, there are clear slivers that aloow the Ghost to appear as if it’s hovering.HW Halo Carded Ghost views

There is a lot of really good detail to the Ghost. The paint is VERY nice. It seems in some parts ot be a little irredescnt even. So the purple turns into the darker blue-ish purple.

I give this an 9 out of 10. Even though the in-game Ghost doesn’t have wheels, I’d have liked to have seen the toy have them, so it could roll along.

UNSC WarthogHW Halo Carded Warthog

Ortho views of the WarthogHW Halo Carded Warthog ORTHO
The wheels spin on this toy. The top of the turret is plastic, while the main body of the warthog is mostly metal.HW Halo Carded Warthog views

The toy Warthog has a decent amount detail. As with the Gungoose I’d have liked to have seen the wheels have the actual in-game tread on them. I was a little disappointed that the turret didn’t spin around. But then, given the size of the toy, I’m okay with that.

I give this an 9 out of 10. Just the wheel tread being game accurate and the turret being able to spin would have made this a 10 for me.

Banished Wraith

As Halo Wars 2 is brang new, I do not yet know which map the image on the card is from. But it looks awesome, regardless!HW Halo Carded Banished Wraith

Ortho views of the WraithHW Halo Carded Banished Wraith ORTHO
For me, this is the gem of wave 1. The classic Wraith gets and overhaul and looks even MORE imposing and dangerous! The blood red color as well as the spikey bits really add to the aesthetic of this version of the Wraith.HW Halo Carded Banished Wraith views
There are no moving parts on the Banished Wraith. The rear fins are plastic, not metal. Like the Ghost, the Wraith also has transparent slivers to stand it up. Only thing is, the front one is higher than it should be. With the pics above that I took, I slightly rotated the image so it appears as it should. It’s actually about 15 degrees off so that the front is pointing more upward. I’ll likely shave down the slivers to make it sit correctly.

I give this an 9.5 out of 10. The design is just fantastic. I would have given this a 10 but for that slightly too large sliver.

UNSC Scorpion
A concept shot of the Halo 5 Warzone map “March on Stormbreak” is the image on the card front here. Unfortunately my card had a crease in it. But that’s okay as I opened all of these up anyway.HW Halo Carded Scorpion

Ortho views of the tank. That grey texture you see on the sides is painted like that.HW Halo Carded Banished Scorpion ORTHO
Besides the underside having wheels to alloe for the Scorpion to roll around, there is also some articulation with it. The main cannon pivots up and down slightly, while the top rotates 360 degrees, as does the small turret. Word of caution, the small turret can pop out of the housing, as it did for me.HW Halo Carded Banished Scorpion views 360

I give this an 9 out of 10. The design is good. Not a fan of the way the grey paint was applied to the sides of the tank. That slight droop of the machine gun turret was an ever so small nick to the review of it. Otherwise, the Scorpion would have got a 10 from me. Still a VERY good toy though, so don’t let my comments stop you if you’re on the fence about getting.

HW Halo GROUP loose

Summary: Though the vehciles aren’t to scale with one another, taken individually, they are great addtions to anyone’s Halo collection. Some roll, some don’t, and most don’t have articulation to them. But again, given the scale of these, I’m okay without those features.

Overall Rating for Wave 1: I give this set 9 out for 10 medals.

Do I recommend it?  YES! We haven’t had small scale realistic vehciles like this in awhile. Jada Toys did a few a couple years back. However, with Mattel’s Hot Wheels line being VERY popular, I expect this to be just the first of MANY waves fo Halo vehicles in the future! It’s a GREAT time to start collecting these as it’s the first wave!!!

If you have any questions about this set that I didn’t cover in the review, please do not hesitate to ask me. Either reply below or e-mail me at sal@halofanforlife.com

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