Halo Toy Review: Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 5


Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 5

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 minute sorting and building, each.
Set Piece Count: Varies from 15 to 25 depending on figure. See pic below for exact count.
Minifigures: Brute Bodyguard, Cortana, Master Chief (MK VI Gen 1 armor), Arbiter (Halo 3 armor version), Sgt. Johnson (Halo 3 armor version), Prophet of Truth
Weapons: Bruteshot, Flamethrower, Energy Sword, Spartan Laser, Brute Spike
Accessories: Buildable Figure Stand with post (each), 343 Guilty Spark (w/Cortana), Flame (w/Master Chief)
Special Features: Gold Baseplate for each figure stand with this series
Cost: $5 US (Mass Retail) Each

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

As with each Halo Heroes Series before, there are 6 figures in this series.

Right to left here for Series 5 we have: Brute Bodyguard, Cortana, Master Chief, Arbiter, Sgt. Johnson, Prophet of Truth. These are all Halo 3 themed so they reflect their respective armor or outfits.

Each set comes similar to the Master Chief set below. The figure and weapon or accessory is different and the name on the angled blok is reflective of the figure within the package, otherwise, it’s the same contents.

There is an insert sheet with each figure. It’s the same for all, no specific printing for certain characters.

Here is the completed stand. Again, with exception to the character name, the stand is the same for each figure.

Below shows the weapons and accessories for the figures. Chief has the Flamethrower with flame attachment, Sgt. Johnson the Spartan Laser, Cortana has 343 Guilty Spark, the Prophet of Truth has the Brute Spiker, Brute Bodyguard has a nicely detailed Bruteshot and the Arbiter gets a very well done energy sword that looks like it’s shimmering with power!

The flamethrower has a detachable flame for it. Note the small peg on the end of the flame that can be inserted into the small hole at the from of the flamethrower.

Now let’s take a look at the figures!

Master Chief. There is a nice dirty wash over all of the figure to give it a more battle worn look. If you clock on the pic and zoom in, you can even see the silver battle damage on the one chest plate.

Sgt. Johnson. Johnson has a slight bit of silver wash on the armor. Of note is the UNSC symbol printed on his hat. This is VERY tiny folks. Really not needed for this scale. That just goes to show you the effort Mega puts into their toys!

Cortana. FINALLY a fully articulated Cortana! The printed details are amazing! My only issues with this figure are the darker face and that the hair is painted. I get that the head is darker because not enough light is bouncing through there to make it lighter, because the hair is painted. The only other thing is the hole in her back. It unfortunately makes it look like there is a hole going through and through from front to back, V/V. Still, I’m SUPER excited that we have a fully articulated Cortana that is translucent blue!

Brute Bodyguard. We’ve seen this figure before in part. The kicker here is the silver wash applied to the figure. I enjoy having army builders and this one is no different. I do hope eventually though, that we get proper scaled Brutes in comparison to Elites and Spartans. (They should be at least as tall as the new Elites if not slightly taller.)

The Arbiter. Thel Vadam has never looked so good as he does here. Yes, the rivalry between fans as to if the armor should be silver or gold rages on. For me? I’m not concerned with it. I’m MORE than happy to have this version of him. The detail in the armor is Fan-TAS-TIC! I have a good bud who custom paints figures and has done that to his own Arbiter. I’ll show that one at a later date.

The Prophet of Truth. There is no difference in sculpt with this version of the Prophet than the one that came in the Hierarch’s Shadow Convoy set. The difference comes in the color. His robe here is much darker and has a dirty was on it. As well, the crown and skin are darker here too. This figure is the only one I’m disappointed in with this series. Mega had the opportunity to give us a better sculpt. I’d have preferred one with actually legs and an attachable lower robe. Since it’s the same, sculpt, it can not proper be placed on it’s figure stand like the others who have articulated legs. 

Here are all the figures in Series 5 on their respective stands with their weapons in an action pose.

Summary: There is next to no build time with these figures as it’s just the stand to put together. The theme of series 5 is Halo 3, of which all of these characters are from. Great paint applications and sculpting make most of these figures very well done.

Overall Rating: I give Series 5, 9 out for 10 medals.

Why did I give it a 9 out of 10?
I gave a rating for each figure, then averaged the final tally.
Master Chief 9.5 – Only small thing is the dirty wash is also applied to the visor. Other than that, awesome figure!
Brute Bodyguard 9 – This has more to do with it’s scale than the armor detail and paint deco though.
Cortana 9 – As mentioned above, the dark head and hole in her back are the only things. Things that I can overlook though!!
Sgt. Johnson 9.5 – The only thing I’d have done a little different is the light color of the pants and shirt. I’d have added some tan camo to that.
Arbiter 10! – Yes…I know some may have a preference for silver here, but the detail in the sculpt is awesome and Arby really does look good in gold!
Prophet of Truth 6 – Ugh…what an opportunity missed here. A better sculpt should have happened here. I’ve always disliked robed figures (from any franchise, not just Halo) as toys. They never look right with articulated knees as it’s just a weird cutout of the robe instead. I rarely recommend passing on Halo Mega Construx toys. This is one figure though, that I do. Unless of course you are wanting to complete the whole collection of the Heroes figures.

Let me break down my opinion of the value of this set. (In US dollars)
• Each figure with one of the weapons each $3.50 each.
• The buildable stand is made of 4 pieces. Normally this would mean a value of 40 cents for the complete stand. As each stand however comes with the name printed on the large black piece, I put the value of the whole stand at $1.
TOTAL: $4.50 (before tax and in U.S. dollars)

The price of $5 (average retail U.S. price) is just slightly over that. Since each figure comes on it’s own specific card with corresponding character artwork, I can waive the 50 cents difference due to that.

In the case of Chief, with the Flame attachment, that garners another 50 cents. With the Prophet, his lack of proper leg articulation makes him not worth the price. He’s at best a $3 figure, IMO.

Do I recommend it?  YES! Halo Heroes is one of the very few things I collect both a carded and another to open. These IMO, are highly collectible, especially if kept in the package.

If you have any questions about this set that I didn’t cover in the review, please do not hesitate to ask me. Either reply below or e-mail me at sal@halofanforlife.com

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