Artful April Fan Made Halo Art: Tekka Croe

I recently found Tekka-Croe on deviantart and just knew I had to share their wonderful Halo art. Not only do they have some great Halo art, but a lot of other Sci-fi art as well.

Here are some of their best Halo artworks.

SPI Armor. Made known by the book Ghosts of Onyx.tor_by_tekka_croe-dc7m4zw.jpg”>tor_by_tekka_croe-dc7m4zw-381×600.jpg” alt=”” width=”381″ height=”600″ />

I like this Halo CE era Master Chief. Looks like it came straight out of a cartoon! Hmmm…

As if a Spartan in Mjolnir armor isn’t enough. The exoskeleton just makes them that much more badass! I’d love to see this in-game, even if only in campaign.ton_by_tekka_croe-d7qkoue.jpg”>ton_by_tekka_croe-d7qkoue-584×600.jpg” alt=”” width=”584″ height=”600″ />

I can appreciate bringing holidays into Halo. With green the default color of Spartan armor, it lends itself well to Christmas.

Tekka calls this a Command Elephant. I dig it!! This would totally fit into a Halo game!

This is Tekka’s fire team. I especially like the blended focal points here. Adds to the realism of the piece.

An idea for a piece of art has to start somewhere. Sketches are ALWAYS an important part of art. The help greatly in fleshing out a finished piece.

I wanna take this little Grunty home! LOL

Default Noble Six! Love it!

You can see more of Tekka’s art HERE!

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