Halo Toy PRE-view: Mega Construx Phaeton Helios Strike

New sets are finally trickling out, just in time for the holidays! Today, I preview is the Phaeton Helios set from Mega Construx!

Some set specs:
Minifigs in set: Orbital Spartan (Blue with Orange and White detailing), Defender Spartan (Red with Yellow detailing), Prometheans (all in a rusty Orange color): Knight, Watcher, Crawler
Accessories: SMG (Pop Culture skin ?), Delta Beam Rifle
Pieces: approximately 550 (no official number of pieces announced yet)
Cost: $59.99

I have been greatly anticipating this set since the Phaeton Helios was made a variant vehicle in Warzone in Halo 5 Guardians. I have the original Phaeton set from Mega Construx of which you can read my review of that HERE. The Helios version comes nearly 3 years after the original version was released for sale to the public.

Other than color, this Phaeton appears to be the exact same build as the original. (Though MUCH better looking!)

On to the official pics from Mega!

Here is the full set. I’m loving the faded orange on some of the pieces. I hope it looks this smooth on the actual toy. Several printed pieces, sandy light tan, bright red and orange as well as some translucent pieces really make this Phaeton Helios POP! You get 2 Spartans and a nice small array of Prometheans. As well, there is a buildable rocket launcher turret.
The cockpit is able to open and close, allowing you to insert a standard sized figure.

Here are all the figures you get in the set. I’m REALLY liking the detailed spartans! The Orbital Spartan has the Equinox skin, while the Defender has the Redoubt skin. The Prometheans are of the “Legendary” rank, displaying the rusty orange coloration. I’m VERY happy to be getting more Prometheans. The basic Knight we haven’t seen for some time. I hope in future sets we get the other Legendary Crawlers!
Below is an example of the Legendary Watcher within Halo 5 Guardians. (It’s wings are not deployed in this shot.)

Here’s the complete set again.

Here’s the official blurb on the set from Mega:
Defend your territory against an incoming Phaeton Helios attack!
When 1 Promethean soldier in their Phaeton gunship disembark onto UNSC territory, it’s up to Spartan soldiers to stand their ground and defend! Build up this ultimate enemy vessel and sit the Prometheans in the cockpit as they attack. Then, when they hit the ground, attack with the 2 Spartan soldiers using their highly-decorated weapons and fire down on the enemy until victory is yours.

Ideal for ages 8 and up.

• Buildable Phaeton Helios, featuring front turret, 2 heavy beam cannon arrays, and 1 anti-air rocket with functional launchers
• Buildable rocket launcher turret
• Includes 1 red and 1 blue highly detailed, super-poseable, UNSC Spartan, 1 Crawler, 1 Watcher, and 1 Knight
• Spartan figures come with detachable armor and authentic weapon accessory

My quick assessment of the set (not having it in hand at present) is this looks to be another fun build of a very cool looking ship, even if it’s the same as the original Phaeton, with exception to color variation.
I want to make some quick comparisons between the original Phaeton set and this one. Feel free to use as reference for yourself. (If you repost this elsewhere, I’d appreciate credit for the comparisons)
Original Phaeton set:
Cost: $45
Pieces: 455
Figures: 2 Promethean Soldiers, 1 Green Orbital Spartan
Phaeton Helios set:
Cost: $60
Pieces: approximately 550 (I say this because the official number has not yet been revealed. I did in fact call Mega Brands to get the number of pieces. Customer Service did not have that answer when I call, though they are looking into it for me and will e-mail me the answer. So I will update this preview when I get that info)
Figures: 2 Spartans (One Orbital, 1 Defender), 1 Promethean each of a Knight, Crawler, Watcher
Buildable Rocket Launcher Turret
So as you can see, you’re getting MORE figures as well as more pieces in the rocket launcher. DO those add up to the additional 100 over the original set? Again, I’m not yet sure. So that’s my own approximation given the extra figs and turret.

Look for my FULL review of this set in soon. There I’ll go into much more detail of the build, especially how the projectile launches from the Phaeton,

Thanks as always for reading!

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