Halo Toy PRE-view: Mega Construx UNSC Infinity

This set has been a long time in coming. It’s been shown some months ago, available to order on Amazon, cancelled on Amazon, then relisted. Links on MegaConstrux.com have been up for the set and taken down. The PDF instructions for the set were posted too. I have those, but have agreed to NOT post them online.

As yet though, no official release of this set has been made.

HOWEVER, rather than sit on these images, I want to show what’s out there and talk about this set. Since this set is still unreleased, images are to be considered prototype with the official set possibly being changed as well as the box art.

Okay, let’s start the preview, shall we?

First up is the box. It’s HUGE. Without this being listed as a Signature series set, it’s safe to say, it’s still in that category, unofficially. Note the piece count at 2,456. That’s one of the biggest Mega Bloks/Construx sets ever!

Here’s a shot of the completed Infinity from a 3/4 front view. Looks impressive. Lots of greeblies abound. It does have a lot of exposed studs. That’s something that if this set has gone back to the drawing board, I’d like to see reduced.  Regardless, I want this ship!

Mega released a few “beauty” shots of the set.
Below is a recreation of the scene in Halo 4.
The hidden bridge and armory are shown in the next two.
It would be great if there were a light brick in this set to illuminate the holotable with Roland on it.

There are two roof structures that are removable to get to some of the innards of the set.
The larger of the two houses the bridge, seen below with computer screens, the holotable and the three figures.
The smaller of the two is the housing for the armory. Doesn’t look like there’s much room for figures in there, but that’s ok.
The figures that come with the set, as of this writing are Captain Lasky, Master Chief, Cortana and a micro Roland (Infinity’s AI). We’ve had all of these figures before. Still, I’m happy to get them again, especially the Lasky figure as this is the most accurate one to date. Previously, we’ve had him twice. Once in the Mammoth set and again in one of the Halo Heroes series.
The length of the set is huge at more than 2 1/2 feet long!

Once again the full set.

Now, previously, this set had been mentioned to include mini UNSC frigates and a Covie Cruiser. Listings now have those removed. It sis believed that the Frigates were housed in the under belly of the Infinity.

Here is the official text blurb of the set that I was able to screenshot before it was pulled from Mega’s site:

Note the misspelled “Lansky”. Again though the more important thing is the mention of the Frigates and “cruiser enemy ship”.

If those have been removed from the final set, it will be a little disappointing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was excited to see what those looked like and how they were included with the set.

This set is HIGHLY anticipated by many a collector. Depending on sources, the list price was shown to be anywhere from $150-200 U.S. At the piece count of 2456, any price point in that range would be acceptable.

I hope Mega still makes this set. I know with Toys R Us closing, it put a HUGE damper on Mega sets of all manner being released at retail. In fact, many that were shown at Toy Fair back in February that were expected to show this summer at retail are just now (December 2018) making their way to online and store shelves. We can only hope the Infinity is not far behind!

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