Halo Toy PREVIEW: Flood Hunter Drop Pod

Soon we will see a Black and Yellow Drop Pod named the “Flood Hunter” Drop Pod. Below are official Mega graphics for the set.

I am absolutely LOVING the color scheme for this one. Traditional with Black and Yellow hazard stripes. THIS is what I imagine all standard drop pods to look like.

As with all the 343 style drop pods, you can slam it onto a flat surface and the door will pop off.

This just looks SO cool!

Not only does it include a matching color schemed ODST, but it also has a flamethrower. Great for dispatching flood forms of any type!

The two-pic graphic below was made using pics from an eBay auction of this set (which shouldn’t have been on eBay yet… sigh…) Anyway, here is the packaging for the Flood Drop Pod.

Of note, there is a steel and lime green drop pod on the back of the card. No word on the name of that one yet, but you can be certain, I’ll post that when I find out.

Are you excited for this set? I am! I’ll likely get 3 sets of this one.


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