Halo Toy Review: Mega Construx UNSC Infinity

Mega Construx UNSC Infinity

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: Sort time approx 3 hours (this added up from each bag sorted at different times of the build); 8 hours build time. You times will likely be shorter as I take lots of pictures along the way.
Set Piece Count: 2,456
Minifigures: Captain Lasky, Cortana, Master Chief
Weapons: Sticky Detonator, Assault Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, Spartan Laser, Battle Rifle, Frag Grenade, SMG
Accessories: Buildable Holotable, Buildable computer console/screen, Micro Roland statue, Buildable Weapons Rack, Figure stand X3
Special Features: Removable roof (for access to ship’s bridge), removable roof (for access to weapons’ rack storage)
Cost: $150-200 US (Mass Retail) I got mine from Walmart.com for $175.

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

The box art is FANTASTIC! Awesome 3/4 front view on the front of the box, the back shows the removable roofs, weapons included and figures. Top and side of box also have figure shots.

The interior of the box has some fantastic artwork as well, just as previous signature series sets have.

The box’s interior lid has this awesome shot of the Infinity coming through the clouds just as it did in Halo 4.

Once open, you are greeted with the massive instruction book, resting on top of the boxes of pieces. There are four boxes included. Boxes 1 and 2 have slits cut into them to hold the instruction book in place.

The boxes have some neat graphics applied to them.

Okay, let’s get into the build, shall we?

Box 1 includes all of these bags and the large baseplate you see below. There are 38 numbered bags and two unnumbered bags with the wide orange MCX banner printed on them.

The larger of the two MCX bags hold the figures, tools and many of the printed pieces with them.

Here’s a close look at the console and monitor screens pieces. VERY COOL!

There is a micro Roland (UNSC Infinity ship’s AI) statue and curiously, a silver hotdog shaped part. I think the latter was used as some sort of easter egg and to get people talking. LOL

The smaller of the two MCX bags includes the engine pieces, some connector pieces and thick fins.

Now, before I go further, since Mega has started using numbered bags, I was taking pics of those individual bags. However, I was never fully happy with the outcome of those pics. So I grabbed a graphic from one of Mega’s PDF instructions, took a clean pic of one bag, added in the circles and numbers and now have standard bag graphics that are clean. These are used to denote when and which new bags are being used. Following these are pics of the pieces from those bags sorted out. This will be the new standard on HFFL going forward for all sets that have numbered bags.

Okay, moving on…

Bags 1, 2, and 3 sorted out in the foreground as well as the parts from the two MCX bags in the background.

Uh-oh…right out of the gate there was a problem. This piece had a stress fracture. I picked it up by both hands and “SNAP”. I think this might be the first time that’s happened.

In any event, it didn’t affect the build and I was able to use the two halves in their designated spot. Since they are on the bottom of the model, the split won’t be seen.

We start by building the ship’s bottom center hull. This area was at one time to be the hold for four mini UNSC Frigates. I’m not sure why Mega elected to not include those. That Frigate BTW, is now part of the Blind Bag figure series “A New Dawn” as the Ultra Rare piece. 

Well darn, another small snag. This time a piece that has a corner that was melted during the molding process. Again though, this didn’t effect the build, so I used it. Heh, if anything, it adds character to my specific Infinity model. “Battle damage!”BTW, it’s rare when there are melted parts. I think in all of the years I’ve collected Mega Bloks/Construx, I’ve had less than a 5 melted parts. This going back 10 years.

Those thick fin pieces from one of the MCX bags are used here as “greeblies”. BTW, I use that term frequent enough in this review. Greeblies are essentially added details to make a model seem more intricate. They help to add a sense of scale.

Next we start to build the lower aft section. Note the several clip and bar pieces. These will be used later in the build. As well, the model uses to great effect side attached pieces. You can see below a couple silver pieces with side stud waiting for parts to be attached to them.

More build up of the aft section as well as some greeblies. Also note the translucent blue pieces. These denote the Forerunner parts of the engines that were retrofitted into the ship, in the game.

Box 2!

Lots of bags in this box!

Building further onto the aft section. These large top and side studded sections will fit more greeblies as well as the super structure of the Infinity.

At this stage we add the included stabilizing pieces.

These are necessary as we will now “marry” the two large sections together.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Why didn’t he show what was built from bags 9 and 10?” Truthfully, there wasn’t much of anything interesting to shoot from those two bags. But there are from 11 and 12!

We now begin to build the lower “fore” section of the ship. There are going to be a LOT of greeblie sections added to the sides here, later in the build!

Once again, more stabilizing pieces are added.

We now add that fore section to the middle and aft sections already built. As you can see, she’s already a long model!

This bag of parts was a LOT of fun to build.8 panels of greeblies! YES! and they are all side mounted! And yep… that hot dog piece is right in the middle of them! LOL

At this point we now cover up the bottom hold. Sad face…

However, it’s to make ready the upper hull with the hidden bridge!

Oh yeah, box 3!

Apologies for the light bands across the pics above and below. I had the blinds open from my window during these shots.  At any rate, you can see some of the upper hull has been added.

I didn’t include a parts shot here as the parts were pretty much all the same. They were the curved pieces  seen below that will ultimately house the weapons rack to be built later on.

Aft top hull sections are built. Loving the details here! The open are below these sections won’t be filled in with parts. Rather they will be covered by flatter sections that clip on. You’ll see those later in the review.

We now come to the step where take off the stabilizing pieces so that we can build on the bottom of the ship. Yes, I said the BOTTOM! I am SO happy that Mega didn’t scrimp on parts here and actually built up some of the bottom. The model looks more authentic that way!

Greeblies for the bottom of the ship are built.

Note here the middle pic. We attach stabilizing pieces in a new configuration. These will remain for the rest of the build and become part of the build. It’s what the model will rest on when complete.

Now this next set of pics needs a little explanation. You build the greeblie panels first.

Then note in the instructions that step 190 shows them added already, while step 191 shows them being added after that step. It was confusing for a second. So I thought I should point that out for you folks as well, so you’ll be prepared for this when you go to build your own Infinity.

Here some those panels are added.

You know we are getting close to the end of the build when the engine parts are added! Um, do these look like robotic eyeballs to you too? LOL

Some more greeblies added, but more importantly, the large engine piece is finally added!

These angular sections are added. A couple of things to note here. For my build at least, the small sections cover over the split part (from the beginning of the review). The larger sections cover some of the bottom.

We now turn the ship right side up. It’s build well and can withstand the weight of the pieces, even with much of them held aloft.

Now we get into some more greeblie fun! (yes, I know I’ve used that word a lot…but there are a LOT of them used in this model, so…

Box 4!

We now work on the detailed panels of the front of the ship. See, I didn’t say greeblie that time. Oops…

This level of detail really helps bring the model to life, IMO!

We now build the holo table and computer console for the bridge.

Add those into the hidden compartment.

Next up is the weapons rack. A good mixture of UNSC weapons here!

There is one stud for which the rack is put onto to hold it into place. It’s enough, yet makes it easy to remove, should you want to outfit Master Chief or other figures with an array of weapons.

Okay, here is one of the more complicated steps in the whole build. These angle side hull sections are clipped into a blue receiving end that has already been built into the hull of the ship. Those yellow and blue parts are well hidden later in the build, so don’t worry about that. It’s getting the right fit for those panels into place that is of a little concern. You may need to slightly adjust them later in the build.

Here’s what we have so far. Looking pretty impressive already!

I was SO happy to finally get to these “wing” sections. They really add to the look of the ship.

Lots more panels and greeblies added. Recall when I said flat panels would be added to the aft section. Those are at this stage and added to the model.

Now we build the roof. This is done as three large panels of parts that clip to each other.

From the side, they look pretty good.

However, there is a glaring gap when viewed from the top. Of anything in the whole model, this is my only major complaint. I’d have liked to have seen this gap closed up.

The final bag!!

The pieces in bag 38 contain the parts to make the rounded removable roof that gains you access to the hidden weapons rack.

And finally, the completed model! Be sure to click on this pic to open in a new window to see it’s full size. It’s a beauty!

Fore and after 3/4 shots showing tons of detail!!!

The very front and back of the ship. Yes, I know they look like they are different sizes. This is due to warped perspective. Well that and the front actually is a little bit thinner width wise than the back.

A 3/4 top down view of the complete Infinity.

The set comes with 3 figures. This is my only other big complaint as I feel it should have included more figures. Especially since Mega opted to pull those Frigates from the build.

We get Master Chief in his Halo 4 Mark VI Gen 2 armor.

A properly colored Captain Lasky. You may note that we just got lasky in a recent Halo Heroes series. That one’s uniform was tan however. IMO, this grey/black uniform is the most proper of the three released Lasky’s thus far. The other Lasky was a near all green uniformed version that came with the Mammoth Signature series set.

The Cortana figure in this set has some fantastic printing on it. This especially since they had to be applied to curved surfaces. Best Cortana figure to date, IMO!

I need to add a note here. I goofed early when building this set. I didn’t realize it, but I had accidentally pushed off the small baggie that included Lasky and Cortana. I didn’t realize that until the end of the build when I couldn’t find them. I placed a call to Mega for replacement parts and figures. Those are still on the way. In the meantime, I found the figures… So when I get the replacement figures, I may hold a contest for them. Stay tuned.

With the set compete, you now have a good bit of translucent pieces left over for whatever you want to use them for. As well, there are 3 figure stands.

I had a bit of leftover small parts.

Couldn’t really make much of them. So I made this floor scrubber. LOL! Into the parts bin with these!

And with that the build is complete! Now have a read on my thoughts of the set itself.


A UNSC Frigate is included with the newly released “A New Dawn” blind bag series. This micro build is what was to be included with the Infinity. I’m glad came out. The shot below shows where on the buildable stand Mega has it (top) and where I placed it just one peg back (bottom).

You can indeed insert it into the belly hold of the UNSC Infinity set!!!

Here’s a close-up shot of it! It fits in quite well. I used the translucent left over stabilizing pieces from the Infinity set to help secure the dawn in the belly hold.

And finally, here’s a shot showing the Frigate (with stand) right over top of the Infinity for scale. Yes, the Infinity set is THAT BIG!!! The scale between the two ships is relatively accurate.


Summary: The set’s build time is LONG. If you don’t have a large block of time you can set aside, may I suggest you build this in sections then. Each of the 4 boxes takes roughly 2 hours to build. This is a great way to break up the long build process as well as show progress at the same time.
The completed model has a TON of detail. The three figures included are the very best of their particular character. With regards to Master Chief, it’s the best of his Mark VI Gen 2 armor set.
Much of the build is easy, though there are a couple of steps that are a little more difficult. This is NOT a beginner set. Though the set is marked as 8+ years, I would say it’s better suited for 10 on up. Parents, be sure to help those younger kids with this model. There are a lot of small parts that can easily be lost.

Overall Rating: I give this set 9 out of 10 medals.
Why did I give it a 9 out of 10?
• One of two issue I have with the set is the gap in the roof of the hidden bridge compartment. I’d have liked to have seen that closed up. Half point for that.
• My only other issue is that while we got 3 great characters, we’ve had them before. As well, with a model this size, I’d have liked to have seen more figures. This given light to the fact that mega pulled the mini Frigates that were originally going to be in the build. I’d have been happy with a few marines or even two of the basic Infinity Spartans as seen in Halo 4. (see below just beyond Master Chief’s shoulders)

Here’s my opinion on the break down of the value of this set. (In US dollars)
• Each figure with a weapon and stand would normally be $3.50. However, since these are named characters and what I consider the BEST versions of them, they are at least $5 each. In order of highest value, Lasky, then Cortana, then Chief. This is due to previous availability as well as improvements made to the detail and paint application of each figure. Total $15
• This of course means that the rest of the set is all the Infinity. The set price ranges from $150-200. Total value for the ship $235.
TOTAL: $250 (before tax and in U.S. dollars) 

The set costs between $150-200 US before tax, and the piece count for the set is 2,456 pieces. If we use the 10 cents per part guideline, that would mean the set could have easily sold for $250. To that I’d agree, on the value. However, given that you can find it for between $50-100 LESS than that, this is a FANTASTIC value! 

Do I recommend it?  HELL YES!!! By far one of the best Halo Mega Construx sets to date. It’s massive and chock full of detail! You get the very best versions of Chief, Cortana and Lasky with it!!

If you have any questions about this set that I didn’t cover in the review, please do not hesitate to ask me. Either reply below or e-mail me at sal@halofanforlife.com.

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