Is it just me or do the Halo 4 flood look like………

Is it just me or do the Halo 4 flood look like the Chatterer Cenobite from the “Hellraiser” movie series?


This by no means is a complaint either. I think it’s AWESOME! I have my new nickname for the Halo 4 Flood. Chatterer!


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4 thoughts on “Is it just me or do the Halo 4 flood look like………

  1. Nice find! Maybe 343i inspired from that character?

    Anyhow, I really like the new design for The Flood. I like how they have no eyes and that wicked ¨smile¨… kindda like a lunatic and messed up Joker.

    • Yeah, I was thinking they may have gotten the inspiration from there. That’s why I posted it. I can’t wait to hear what their growls sound like.

  2. Hilarious. I knew they looked familiar! My favorite was Pinhead…

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