Halo Toy Review: Mega Construx Clash on the Ring Blind Bag series


Mega Construx Clash on the Ring Blind Bag Series

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1-2 minutes building each figure.
Set Piece Count: varies by figure
Special Features: Removable Armor
Cost: $3-3.50 US (Mass Retail) ONE figure per pack OR Ship parts in the case of the CCS Cruiser

Here are the 6 figures, flood and CCS Cruiser that come with this series.

Note that the Flood Infection forms, Yellow and Silver Mark V Spartans are considered “Rare” figures, the CCS Cruiser is the “Ultra Rare” figures and the rest are “Common“.

There is a separate instruction sheet for the cruiser.

First let’s take a look at the individual figures, shall we?
Oh, before I go forward, each individual action shot of the figure and weapon accessory included are directly from Mega’s website. It’s their computer generated model and not the actual figure/weapon, so colors may vary slightly. My pics reflect the retail figures under normal lighting, while the Mega pics are computer generated and enhanced for optimum viewing.

First we start with the three Spartans. They are all the same exact figure except that their armor color is different from each other.

Mark V Silver

The Silver Spartan comes with a Shotgun.

This spartan could be of suitable use for a grifball diorama, as the grifball holder, due to it’s color.

The Gold Spartan comes with a Magnum.

Mark V Lime Green
Though this may give you Mater Chief vibes, this color green is very much brighter and lighter than Chief’s armor.

It comes with a rocket launcher.

Elite Minor
I am SO happy we got an elite Minor. This is an army building figure for sure. I hope we see this one reissued over time. I suspect we’ll see it in an even more purple color and possibly crimson.

The Elite comes with a Plasma Rifle.

Grunt Minor
I’m ecstatic that we get this Grunt Minor. I really appreciate the new mask on his face. This from Halo CE.  This is a stellar figure and another army builder!

Grunty boy comes with a Needler.

Here is the Grunt holding his mask in his hand.

UNSC Marine
Another splendid army builder. This marine is of the Halo CE variety as well.

He comes with a standard Assault Rifle.

Note that the helmet is removable. You insert the helmet via a pin on the underside of the helmet, into the hole on top of the head of the marine.

Flood Infection Form
And finally, we get Flood Infection forms. With this blind bag series, you get FIVE in a pack. Not too shabby, especially if you want to army build flood forms! These come in two parts. the body and the tentacles.
I used an older shot to show the two pieces here. The infection form itself is very rubbery. Definitely keep out of the reach of infants.

Now let’s take a look at the CCS Cruiser build.

And finally the group shot

My overall opinion of this set is that it’s good. Perhaps one too many Mark V Spartans for my liking. I think I’d have rather had a Jackal instead of a third Spartan.
The only slight issue I have is that I do not think the flood infection forms are worth it. yes, you get five in the pack. But they aren’t articulated, no weapons, no stands. Instead of these, perhaps a flood infect marine or elite?

I’m definitely happy with the Elite, Grunt and Marine. Always appreciative of more army builder figures!

The microscale CCS Covenant Cruiser is a very welcome additiona to our micro fleet! I like that Mega went this route. Gives us something extra to look forward to with each blind bag series.

Do I recommend it?  For sure!  You may value some other figures in this series more than I. That’s the great thing about collecting. It’s an individual experience, that we all “collectively” enjoy!

If you have any questions about this set that I didn’t cover in the review, please do not hesitate to ask me. Either reply below or e-mail me at sal@halofanforlife.com.

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