Halo Mega Construx Toy PREVIEW: Halo Heroes Series 12

Mega Construx Toy Preview: Halo Heroes Series 12

I’ve just received word today that Halo Heroes Series 12 has been found at Target! be on the lookout folks! In the meantime, the following pics courtesy of MegaConstruxNews via Timothy Jones are for you to check out. Yes, I modified them slightly to fix some of the edges cut off by the original pics. Only the packaging was altered, not contents within.

First, here are all of the six figures within Sereis 12.

Now let’s take a look at each individual figure and discuss them a little.

Elite Ultra
The Elite Ultra is much as we’ve seen him before. Of note however is the slight design change in the helmet. The eyes are further apart. This makes sense as they are that way in the Sangheili head.
Also, we get the return of the Plasma Repeater! YEA!!!

Marine Sniper
I am SO happy we are getting a specialized Marine. Not to mention a female at that. We’ve rarely had females in the line, with most of those being Spartans.
I will be army building this one for sure!

Brute Warrior
YOO! This Brute really screams Banished! I sincerely hope so. It fits the aesthetic. Not to mention, it would be a real shame if the Banished only appeared in Halo Wars 2. Atriox was SO underused there.
What is that weapon? Hmm, seems like a Brute version of s shotgun. Looks AWESOME!
This will be yet another army builder!!

Spartan Mark VII
Hmm, I think this is the FIRST time we’ve had a Spartan who’s armor color is different from one side to another. (Not including named characters. That the name of it has Mark VII is interesting as previously it had been reported that 343 did away with the “Mark” designation and was going with “Gen” (or Generation) instead.
What’s exciting about this is, it’s a GREAT indicator of the level of customization in Halo Infinite for your in-game Spartan. Looks like we’ll be able to customize colors all over the place, or at least shoulder and forearms!
The weapon with the Mark VII looks like a cross between a shotgun and an SMG. I’m VERY curious to see it’s capabilities in-game.

Spartan Recon
Okay, the color choice is just a little odd to me. Orange and Blue are “complimentary” colors. Meaning on the color wheel, they are directly across from each other. I guess it works if you’re a Denver Broncos fan. LOL. Still, it again is another indicator that we will be able to change the color of the forearms and now the lower legs as well.
The Assault Rifle looks cool.

Spartan Gungnir
This seems like a direct callback to Halo Reach. Will this armor be making an appearance in Infinite? I certainly hope so! Looks like this one has a robotic arm. Even if it doesn’t return for Infinite, I think it’s a stellar figure!
Hello, what have we here? With regards to the weapon, that is. This looks like a cross betwee a Brute Mauler and UNSC Saw. Really not sure what it is. There was a rumor of a grappling hook being in Infinite. Though that was supposedly dispelled, maybe? Again, this makes me curious.

So what do you think of this series? Does it get you excited for more Infinite news? The toys?

I know I AM!!!

If you have any questions about this set that I didn’t cover in the review, please do not hesitate to ask me. Either reply below or e-mail me at sal@halofanforlife.com.

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