Halo Toy Review: Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 12


Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 12

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 0-1 minute building, depending on figure. Really, only the Marine needs any kind of “building”.
Set Piece Count: Varies from 21 to 27 depending on figure. See pics below for exact count for each figure.
Minifigures: Spartan Recon, Spartan Mark VII, Spartan Gungnir, Elite Ultra, Brute Warrior, Marine Sniper
Weapons: Respective to the order of figures above: Assault Rifle, To Be Named Later (TBNL), TBNL, Plasma Rifle, TBNL, Sniper
Accessories: Figure Stand (each), Marine Sniper ONLY: Backpack, Helmet, canister, pouch
Special Features: Reflective paint on figure stand
Cost: $5 US (Mass Retail) Each

Addendum: Due to multiple people infringing on my copyright of these pictures, I must now state the following: DO NOT STEAL THESE PICS! You didn’t pay for the figures, nor take the photos, edit them, nor write this review!
Sigh…why do people do this? Actually, I can answer that. They want credit for new stuff appearing on their timelines. No one except the official Halo and the official Mega Construx accounts have permission to repost. NOT ONE PERSON!
Perpetrators will be reported to source platforms/apps and there may be possible legal action.
Folks, it is RARE when I get the scoop and am first to post something new. Respect that.

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

Here are all 6 carded figures. 

Here is one of the card backs. Note that Mega has gone to printing only black ink on the card back and not using a gloss finish. This is no doubt a cost saving measure. I don’t mind as we typically do not display carded figures with the card backs visible.

There is a built-in tab on the plastic bubble of each package to allow it to be pulled away from the card. This, so you can easily remove the figure and the rest of the package’s contents.

Each carded figure comes with a figure stand the same as below. The exception is the corresponding character name on each stand blok. Note with this series the reflectiveness of the nameplate. By tilting the blok slightly, you get a nice metallic sheen on the name section.

This insert sheet comes with each figure. It’s the same for all, no specific printing for certain characters.

Now let’s take a look at the figures!

Spartan Recon

The Recon comes with it’s named stand and assault rifle and a scope in a small plastic baggie.

Note that the scope can slide on and off.

The Orange and Blue deco is very distinct. The orange being closer to a tangerine hue. Note the sliver battle scarring wash over the blue bits. This is something we haven’t seen in quite some time. One thing to make note here are the forearms and shins are different colors and this being labeled as a Halo Infinite figure. The perception is that we might be able to colorize separate parts of armor. This is conjecture at this point as nothing (as of this writing) with regards to armor customization, has been confirmed for Halo Infinite.

Here’s a nice action shot, showing that the figure can indeed hold the AR with both hands.

Close-up shot of the helmet. This Recon helmet definitely is different from previous Recon Spartans. Though of course it has it’s similarities. Also, note the painted pouches on the torso. Bonus!

Spartan Mark VII
First things first. It needs to be noted that we fans thought the naming convention for the armor was now going to be Gen 1 and Gen 2, with the “Mark” designation going away with Mark VI (Master Chief’s armor from Halo’s 3, 4 and 5.) Now it seems we have another numbered Mark armor. My guess here AND THIS IS A GUESS, is that since we know part of Infinite’s story (or pre-story with Troy Denning’s upcoming novel “Shadows of Reach”) takes place on Reach itself, that this armor is very likely part of the game.

How you may ask is the armor part of the game? Well, I’m glad you asked…
My guess is that Cortana and her created (AI) army, have been able to hack into Spartan IV Mjolnir armor. Due to this, those Spartan’s are rendered useless in their armor. So the remaining Spartans IIs are forced to go back to wearing older armor. (Spartan IVs can’t wear Spartan II armor-unless that has changed in lore, due to level of augmentation)
This is because it isn’t hackable by the created. Thus bringing back the Mark designation. It could very well be that the three Spartans in Halo Heroes series 12 are in fact ones we know. Perhaps even Blue Team itself. Though that is a rather reach (pun intended). If they are, then maybe the Recon is Linda, the Mark VII is Fred and the Gungnir is Kelly. Again, these are all just wild guesses. But for FUN.

Okay, getting back on topic!

The Mark VII comes with it’s nameplate stand and an as yet unnamed weapon. It looks like a cross between a Shotgun and SMG. Note that it has two hand grips.
Also to note here is the color of the one shoulder and forearm. As well as the helmet being color, while the rest of the armor is solid dark grey.
Is this yet again an indication of the type of armor color customization we will have in Infinite? Other than named characters, this is the first time that I can recall such a distinct colorization of specific armor parts, independent of each other. So again, while not confirmed, this may be a glimpse into what to expect from Halo Infinite.

Here is that weapon, closer up. Also note here the small ammo drum on the under side of the weapon. Maybe it’s not a shotgun/smg hybrid as I guessed above. Maybe it’s a new Hydra???

Orthogonal views of the Mark VII. Do note that the shoulders are the same. Just different colors.

Here is a close-up of the Mark VII helmet. This looks peculiarly like a cross between Master Chief’s and Noble Six’s helmet combined. Hmmm, could Six be alive????? Bonnie Ross jokingly said Six was still alive in a cave on Reach. Wouldn’t it be something if she actually wasn’t joking?

And an action shot showing the Mark VII double gripping the unnamed weapon.

Spartan Gungnir
Wow, this is an EXCELLENT looking figure!

The Gungnir comes with it’s stand and yet another undisclosed named weapon.

This weapon has me VERY curious. Could this be the previously leaked Grapple Gun? Even though that was supposedly debunked, the look of this weapon, does make me wonder. Also, that rounded drum in the middle SPINS! Thus making me even MORE suspicious that this could be a grapple gun. Hmm, we shall wait and see. No worries if I’m wrong. It’s fun to speculate.

What an absolutely amazing figure this is. SO much detail. Easily my favorite of the three spartans in Series 12. Note here too that it has a robotic arm. Oooohhhh, will those also return for Infinite?

Now, I should say, some folks are guessing these spartans are just hold overs from Reach. The weapons might be from Infinite, but not the armor. This could very well be. We all know Mega has put different eras of Halo into same sets. Take for example the Vulture set that had Locke as a figure. The Vulture is from Halo Wars, while Locke is from Halo 5. VERY different eras within the Halo franchise.
So it is entirely possible that these are just Reach Spartans. But I don’t think so. The Recon’s helmet is different. So too the armor for the Mark VII.

Look at the way the figure holds this weapon. Seriously, what could it be? A mini shotgun?

Elite Ultra
This Ultra, while similar to the original Reach Ultra is distinctly different, especially in the helmet.

The Ultra comes with it’s name blok and a PLASMA REPEATER! YES!!!! We haven’t seen the Repeater in a VERY long time! In fact, we’ve only had it in three other sets over the course of Mega’s license with Halo. The Covenant Weapons Pack (2013), Covenant Weapons Customizer Pack (2015), and the Blue Series Banshee (2013). It’s been FIVE years since we’ve had the Repeater in the lineup again.

Here’s a close-up of this beauty! So very nicely detailed. Best Repeater we’ve ever gotten!

Orthogonal views of the Elite Ultra.

Here’s a comparison of an older Ultra. As you can see, there is a very distinct difference. Since we are returning to Reach, I’m curious then, does that mean we will in fact face Covenant there? Might they have upgraded their armor yet been abandoned there? Or perhaps they are the remaining occupying force? I say this because we also just recently had a new Skirmisher. That one looks slightly different from previous Skirmisher releases as well.

Here are a few close-up shots of the Ultra to see the detailed paint on the armor. Yes, in fact the head is the same Elite head we’ve been getting for awhile now. Man, I LOVE that detail on the armor! Don’t you?

And an action shot of the Ultra. I for one plan on getting a few of this bad boy for army building purposes!

Brute Warrior
Hmm…so we have a very Banished looking Brute here. Now again, the Banished being in Infinite has NOT been confirmed. So this may or may not be the case. Given it’s color combo though, it certainly looks like it.
However, that said, Red has been a favored color of the Brutes since Halo 2 at least. Might this instead be a Brute from the Jiralhanae homeworld? Their native armor?

The Brute Warrior comes with it’s nameplate blok and yet one more unnamed weapon.

Here’s a look at that weapon. Curiously, it looks like a shotgun, bruteshot combo. Might this be a weapon the Created made for the Brutes??

Another view of this weapon shows that the barrel has a hole in the front of it. Will this eventually has something added to it in a future set that make it look like a projectile is firing out of it? We can only hope!

The level of sculpt and paint application on the brute is only rivaled by the Brute Chieftan of long ago. This is a masterpiece of a figure! Definitely worth army building!!

Here is a very close-up of the head of the brute. Again, the level of detail here is fantastic! This given that the head is barely the size of a U.S. dime.

The Brute Warrior can indeed hold the weapon with both hands. Here it definitely looks like it’s using that bladed section for a brutal melee!

Marine Sniper
Ohh my!!!! What an AWESOME FIGURE!
To say THIS is the gem of series 12 is an understatement!

The Marine Sniper comes with a stand, a sniper and a bag of additional parts.

Here are the contents of that small bag.
• Helmet
• Backpack
• Canister (grenade maybe?)
• Pouch
• Sniper stand

Ortho views of the marine. The detail on this one is AMAZING!!!!

Here is a close-up of the torso armor. Make special note of the 8 tick mark scratches into the chest. Hmm…..I can’t wait to learn the lore behind this!

This is one of the rare times we’ve had a camo pattern with a figure. It’s the ONLY time so far that the camo pattern has been on this much of the figure! I LOVE IT!!!! The camo is also on the legs too, as seen in an earlier pic.

Another shot of the head. What great detailer as well. Heck she even has a mole. And I think that’s intentional.

Okay, quite possibly the BEST thing about this figure…it’s ankles can pivot! YES!!!!! This is BRAND NEW articulation for the Halo line folks! I am SO excited to see this!
Correction: I forgot that Captain Keyes had this ankle articulation. So this make the Marine only the second Halo Mega figure to have this.

Here’s one action shot showing the figure standing while aiming down sights.

Here’s another showing the figure KNEELING PROPERLY with it’s helmet on, aiming down sights!! Just look at how the ankle being able to pivot makes a BIG difference! I am SO excited by this!!

Now, before we leave this figure, I want to make another far reaching guess. Since this is a female with red hair, might she be Spartan Linda? I say this because we have three other Spartans in this series. Perhaps Linda didn’t get another SII mark VII set of armor? Far reaching, yes I know.

At any rate, THIS is the figure to own from this series and I have NO DOUBT it will become HARD TO FIND! I for one am going to army build the heck out of it!

And finally, the whole of Halo Heroes series 12.

Addendum: Per request, I’m including height comparison shots of the Marine and one of the Spartans. It is clear now that Mega is using the CoD style legs for the Marine. This makes it TALLER than the Spartan figure!

To be certain, I swapped out the helmeted head with the human head. Yep, still taller than the Spartan.

Summary: There is no build time with these figures. Series 12 has no named figures. However, with this being pre-released from the game, that might be due to potential spoilers. Some of these may in fact be named later on, or just generic. Either way, they are very well done!

Overall Rating: I give Series 12 a 9.75 out for 10 medals as a whole.
Why did I give series 12 a 9.75 out of 10?
I gave a rating for each figure, then averaged the final tally. Below are my ratings per figure.

Spartan Recon
The armor has a very familiar feel to it, though the helmet is definitely different from previous iteration. I like that it has a silver battle scarred print on it. I give it 9 of 10 medals. I’m not a fan of the color combo. That’s the only reason why.

Spartan Mark VII
A very nicely done figure. A particularly like the dark grey of much of the armor. Once again, I’m left to wonder if the different color shoulder/forearm/helmet are part of the color customization for Halo Infinite. I hope so! The new weapon has me excited to see what it does in Infinite. I give this a 10 of 10 medals.

Spartan Gungnir
As stated, this is my favorite of the Spartans of series 12. fantastic color combination, excellent detail, robotic arm. This has it all for me! That it also comes with a new weapon to Halo has me even more excited!.10 of 10 medals.

Elite Ultra
A new take on an older armor style. Is this a throw back to Reach or is it an upgraded new version of Ultra armor? Either way, I like it. The helmet seems a little big. But this is pretty much when you compare it to the older model. Otherwise, it’s really cool. Man, I LOVE that it comes with an ultra detail Plasma Repeater! I give this figure a 9.5 out of 10 medals.

Brute Warrior
Wow, this is a welcomed new Brute figure! The quality of sculpt and paint application here is one of the best I’ve ever seen on a Mega Halo figure. The only other Brute to rival this is the old Chieftan. Thats saying something as that was my favorite Brute figure. I think this Warrior might be my new favorite Brute figure! A new weapon adds to the allure of this. 10 of 10 medals!

Marine Sniper
OH MY WORD! This figure is FANTASTIC! Easily my favorite or this series. Further, my favorite Halo marine EVER! Seriously! The added backpack, helmet, canister and pouch really add to the look of the figure. The camo paternal over the clothing is beyond superb!
This is also only the second Halo Mega figure to have articulated ankles!! If I could give this higher than a 10 I would. But alas, I’ll stick to my normal grading here and give it a 10+ out of 10 medals!

Total 58.5 of 60 medals. For an average of 9.75 of 10 Medals for the complete series. I think that might be a record!

Let me break down my opinion of the value of this set. (In US dollars)
• Each figure with one of the weapons each $4 each.
• The stand I put at 75 cents, this due to it’s added reflectiveness.
TOTAL: $4.75 (before tax and in U.S. dollars)

The price of $5 (average retail U.S. price) is just slightly over that. Since each figure comes on it’s own specific printed card with corresponding character artwork, I can easily waive the 25 cents difference in light of that.

Do I recommend it?  YES! Halo Heroes is one of the very few things I collect both a carded and another to open. These IMO, are highly collectible, especially if kept in the package.
I personally find the Marine, Brute Warrior and the Gungnir to be my favorites of this series. Though the other figures are definitely worthy additions to my collection and should be to yours as well!

If you have any questions about this set that I didn’t cover in the review, please do not hesitate to ask me. Either reply below or e-mail me at sal@halofanforlife.com

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