Forward Unto Dawn, Episode 1: Review Part 6 TO BED. (SPOILERS)

Spoilers abound in this review, not just for the show, but for Halo 4 as well. You’ve been warned.

In part six (and the final part) of my review of episode 1, I take a look at the end of a long day for Hastati Squad and Cadet Lasky.

A one-point perspective shot of the cleared out hallway of the barracks.

Shutting down for the night.

Lasky sitting at his table as his day is about to set.

A sparsely decorated (or would one say “Spartan”) barracks room, Lasky sits down for bed.

This is the only shot I touched up in Photoshop so it was more clearly visable. The text reads:

Through Knowledge, Victory
Thorugh Unity, Peace, Honor, Valor, Allegiance. Today
Tomorrow, Forever, Together
We Rise. Together We Prevail.
Forward Unto Dawn
From Earth, For Earth. Honor
Valor, Allegiance, Excellence
Today. Tomorrow. Forever.
Together We Rise. Together We
Prevail. Forward Unto Dawn.
From Earth, For Earth. Honor
Valor, Allegiance, Excellence

The italicized text is shown, but is a repeat of previous lines and it’s assumed it repeats more text in the engraving.

Lasky’s game of chess awaits it’s next move by his brother.

Something appears on the screen. What is this?

Wait, now the screen is clear? What is happening?

A small light dot appears in the sky.

It’s dropping in fast!

It’s broken through the clouds!!

It’s turned red. Is that my spider-sense tingling?

Is it changing direction?

OMG it is!

What or who could this be?

Stay tuned next week for episode 2!

If you’ve enjoyed my reviews and analyzing of any parts of Forward Unto Dawn Episode 1, please feel free to reply. I’d love to read your thoughts on the review as well as the episode in general.


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3 thoughts on “Forward Unto Dawn, Episode 1: Review Part 6 TO BED. (SPOILERS)

  1. I watched the video 3 times before reading your reviews and I still was surprised about some of the intricacies I missed. Thanks for doing such an amazing job breaking down each component of the video and I look forward to your reviews of the next 4 episodes.

    • Here’s something else you may have missed, listen to Sullivan after they’ve come back from the training mission. He talks about coded transmissions and being close to cracking them. If he’s not a future ONI operative then I don’t know what is.

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