Halo 4 War Games daily challenges: 11-17-12

Whew okay, today’s challenges are going to be just that a challenge. 4 killing sprees in one match? I’ve got that in Halo 4 already, but only twice. This one is not so easy.

The next one…uh again with the Regicide…win three matches. Playing the gametype no problem, winning three? That will take a little effort. I’ve already completed the weekly challenge, so I’ll pass on this second one.

I hope next week’s challenges don’t involve Regicide. While it’s fun to play, I think I’ve played enough of it this past week to last for awhile. If the challenges are going to be based on objective gametypes, I’d rather see CTF, then possibly Oddball. My guess though since Regicide is one of 343’s new gametypes, that we’ll see some challenges having to do with Dominion or Extraction to get more people playing in those playlists.

To be honest, I haven’t played any Extraction games, so that might be a good thing to try out.

Whew, got a bit off topic….LOL.


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