Shout out to ALL the blog visitors!

As always I get a high amount of visitors from the Untied States and I’m appreciative of that.

Of late however, I’ve been getting a LOT more visitors from other countries. I’m extremely happy to see that my blog has captured the eye of international readers. Not just those of English speaking countries (of which England, Australia and Canada are always the highest next to the States), but those of other languages.

In order of most visitors from other than English speaking countries the following are countries who visit the blog the most:

The Netherlands

I can’t see beyond the top 10 countries in my analytics, so if your country isn’t any of the ones mentioned above, then please tell your friends and fellow Halo fans about the blog and let’s have a little friendly competition to see if another country can crack the top ten list.

Again, I want to thank ALL of you for continuing to visit the blog, regardless of your country of origin. It is VERY much appreciated and helps to keep me motivated to provide Halo content.

My number of visitors before Halo 4 were about 2,000 a day (unique). That spiked heavily just before and during the week after the game launched to reaching 6,000 viewers a day (also unique). That’s trimmed off a bit to about 4,500 a day (and again unique). Still that’s excellent and again I thank you.

If you haven’t registered yet, PLEASE do. Registration is free and comes with the occasional perk of being eligible for contest prizes ONLY awarded to registered members of the blog. I’ve got some nice ones coming up, so now would be a good time to join! (Click the Register here! tab above or just follow the link to join.)


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