Halo Mega Bloks Promethean preview pics!

Brad over at Mega Bloks has shown two preview pics of the Prometheans coming soon. They will debut in the “Cauldron Clash” set and should be available in stores late December/Early January.

Here they are:

And in case you were wondering, YES, the Watcher does fit into the Knight’s back!

I for one think these minifigs look fantastic! The Knight is HUGE for a minifig. The Watcher looks pretty game accurate and the Crawler looks great in minifig form.

Hmm, now I’d have to guess that we’ll see the other versions of the Knights and Crawlers down the line. I am looking forward to the Knight Battlewagon and Alpha Crawler (Prime). You know, the ones with the hardlight spikes coming out of their backs!


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