Spartan Ops, Mission by Mission: Episode 1 “Departure”, Mission 1 “Land Grab” (or SpOps 1-1)

Episode 1: Departure; Chapter/Mission 1: Land Grab

Map: Quarry
Objective:  Neutralize Covenant forces


Recommended Loadout: Mid to Long Range weapons. Though since you should be using vehicles for this mission most of the time, weapons choice isn’t as important.

This mission starts you out at a small UNSC camp. There are several Warthogs available, as well as ghosts. I highly recommend taking the gauss hog.

If you are playing alone, make sure a marine gets in the gunner position and you drive. (TIP: You will get credit for every kills the marine gunner gets!) If you choose to gun, a marine will pop into the driver’s seat. Be forewarned, they aren’t great drivers and will likely take you places you don’t want to go.

If you’re playing co-op either by chapter or matchmaking, if you are the driver you’ll get wheelmen for every kill another player spartan gets as your gunner. (TIP: This mission is GREAT for wheelmen and you can rack up that commendation QUICKLY here.)

Now usually I see other players go to the left first. Easy enough to get that power core and snag a wraith. However, as you can see by the graphic above, I choose to go to the right. If you’re running a gauss hog it’s EASY to mop up the ghosts you encounter then move on to the power core that is protected by the Elite. He has a Fuel Rod though, so keep your distance. It’s not necessary to kill him, though it makes the mission just that much easier.

At point 1 you will engage various Covies. There is a wraith you can use. Your choice if you want to switch off to that from the gauss hog. I still prefer the hog as you can aim your shots much better and the hog is swifter in combat.

At point 2 you’ll come upon another power core, shade turrets and some sniper towers. Take out the turrets, then towers, then hit the core. Be sure you got the grunt in the tower as he can be pesky.

Phantoms drop some ghosts along the way so be sure and take them out before advancing on to the next power core. Kill off any Covies you find, hit the other power cores (point 3) and start making your way back to the LZ.

If you took the right path from the start you won’t have to deal with that Elite with the fuel rod (point 4) near the end of the mission. (This is one reason why I suggest taking this route instead of going left first.)

At the LZ (point 5) a Phantom drops a bunch of Covies including Hunters and some Elites. Take your time with this and shoot from afar. No need to rush into the mix and die. Kill all the remaining Covies and the Pelican will come pick you up.

Mission End.

Commendations you can work on with this mission: This mission is good for the Wheelmen commendation and covenant kill commendations in general.

Thanks to PrimaGames for the map graphic. I added the arrowed line.

Oh on that note about Prima, I have to say a HUGE Kudos to them for an AWESOME Halo 4 guide book. I HIGHLY recommend it! I got mine for $19.99 at Normally it’s around twice that much. Getting the book will also give you a code to get the book digitally, which is FANTASTIC!


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