Spartan Ops, Mission by Mission: Episode 1 “Departure”, Mission 2 “Sniper Alley” (or SpOps 1-2)

Episode 1: Departure; Chapter/Mission 2: Sniper Alley

Map: Sniper Alley
Objective: Disrupt Covenant energy supply


Recommended Loadout: I go with jet pack and the DMR/BR combo. At the least be sure to have one of them, preferably the DMR. Carbine would be ok,but not as good as the DMR here. Besides, with plenty of UNSC ammo crates, going with UNSC weapons is a great choice.

At the start of the mission, you face a few grunts. They’re easy to take out (point 1-green box). Move along the path I’ve shown and get ready to camp a little (camp spot 1-as noted by the triangle-as in camping tent…). Pick off the jackals, grunts, and elites before moving to the first objective, shutting down the first shield.

Now I highly suggest once you’ve lowered the shield to go to camp spot two. There is a DMR there if you didn’t choose that in your loadout, so pick it up now. You’re going to need it! Stay right there and pick off the Jackal Snipers first as they are deadly. Next you can tag the grunts and the few elites here, point 2.

Moving up and to the right a bit, BEFORE taking down the second shield, move the the lower shield control and through the gap in the shield, take out more jackals. This REALLY helps as most of the time they don’t shoot back, especially if you stay far enough back. It also makes it a lot easier to get through the mission after you’ve taken down the second shield. Click the lower shield control first, then move to the upper shield control. Before clicking it, reload your weapons and pick up more ammo at the crates located close to the control seen below:

From here you can pick off most of the current enemies. Move across the bridge, pick up more ammo at the crates and wait a little bit for some elites, point 3. Take them out then move to camp spot 3. This spot is on a rock ledge. Just below you (on the path you were just on) is an ammo crate. So it’s good to stay around here for a bit, being able to get more ammo as needed. Here you’ll face many grunts, elites, jackals, and over that rock on the ground below are some sniper jackals. From your camping perch it’s easy to pick them off.

At point 4 there is another ammo crate. Get yourself resupplied. Move close enough to the checkpoint to trigger it the move to camp spot 4 (you’ll need jet pack for this spot). It’s higher up on the rocks and gives you a great vantage point. Beware the Sniper Jackals in the distance at a Covie sniping tower. Take them out and any other snipers. There might be one by the cliff wall Shade turret. You’ll get an ordnance drop around this time. You DO NOT need it. The DMR is more than enough to handle the enemies. Trying to get the ordnance drop may get you killed. On easier levels fine. But on Legendary…no way. Stick with the DMR, it’s your friend.

Once you’ve eliminated all the remaining Covies, you’ll be given a checkpoint. Go to it, click the button and haul ass. Really, you don’t need to get too far away. I usually make it a game of getting to the shade turret and blowing away the sniper tower before the area is bombed. No extra points there, just something fun to try.

When the bomb decimates the area the mission is done and a Pelican comes to pick you up.

Commendations you can work on with this mission: Jackals! Especially Sniper Jackals. There are also a few Zealot Elites that you can get here to.

Here are my weapons stats for the mission (I’d have included the enemy stats as well, but for some reason they weren’t saved on Waypoint… weird. Though as you can see I had 120 kills):

As you can see, I made judicious use of the DMR. Yes, I did this on easy. It’s just to show weapons used and enemies (had they been recorded…).

And yes, I’ve done all the missions on Legendary. I’m just doing them again on easy for the mission by mission articles.


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