Halo Anniversary Series 2 a more detailed look: Spirit of Fire Red Team

This special Halo Wars boxed set features three heroic Spartan-IIs: Jerome, Douglas, and Alice, collectively known as Red Team. This trio of super-soldiers fought alongside the crew of the Spirit of Fire, defending them from the dangers encountered on Shield 0459. Our Red Team 3-pack brings back the leader, Jerome-092, and completes the team with two never-before-released figures of Douglas-042 and Alice-130. Each includes some serious firepower to help them carry out their mission: Jerome comes with a Spartan Laser, Alice comes with dual SMGs, and Douglas comes with a Shotgun. One Spartan is a force to be reckoned with, but a coordinated team of them is virtually unstoppable. Go back to 2531, before the fall of Reach, and get the complete Red Team, all in one box! (text from Spawn.com)




Where to buy:
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Thoughts from HaloFanForLife:
At first I thought the two non-squad leader spartans were the same figure. While in sculpt they are, it’s on the right shoulder pad where the difference is made. As you can see in the above composition photos, they each have their own distinctive shoulder emblem to further denote who they are. I’m glad to have Red team. Here’s hoping we’ll see at least one of them in Halo 4…