Fathead Trivia Contest #1 (of 4)

Here we go folks, the first of four trivia contest questions. Be the first to answer correctly and you will be the winner of the following Fatheads “Junior” set:

Knight junior FatheadHow many different types of Promethean Knights are encountered in Halo 4? AND name the classes.
Remember, you have to be registered on the blog and reply on the blog to have an eligible answer.

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10 thoughts on “Fathead Trivia Contest #1 (of 4)

  1. there are 4. the knight, the lancer, the commander and, the battle wagon. there were to be more but they were never created for halo 4.

    • While you are correct, you were not the first person to answer correctly. Hmm, I might have something extra for you though since you did get it right.

      • oh ok. well it was fun. hopefully next time. no worries if you don’t have anything. its always good to ensure i am completely up to date on info.

  2. There are 3: Knight Lancer, Knight Commander, and Knight Battlewagon.

      • It was the first contest I thought I could do and in my rush, I forgot the knight itself. Oh well, there are more parts to it. At least it was interactive with the site.

  3. i believe there are 4 types. the first one is the basic on, then there is the knight lancer which is the scout/ sniper, then there is the commander knight, then the battle wagon knight.

    • You’re right, however someone else has already answered correctly before you. Keep checking back on the blog for the remaining 3 trivia contest questions. -Sal

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