Toy Review: Mega Bloks UNSC Cryo Bay

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UNSC Cyro Bay: Set # 97088

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 5 minutes

Set Piece Count: 72
Minifigs: Master Chief (Halo 4 version), micro Cortana
Weapons: Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Sticky Detonator
Accessories: None
Special Features: Flip up door
Price: $11-13 depending on where you buy it from.

And on with the pics!
UNSC Cryo Bay box front
UNSC Cryo Bay box back
The graphics on the box are nice as always.

Below are the contents of the box.
UNSC Cryo Bay contents
The following shows the contents of the big bag in the upper left of the preceding pic.
UNSC Cryo Bay contents of big bag
All the pieces sorted out.
UNSC Cryo Bay sorted
And now on with the easy build.
UNSC Cryo Bay 1st steps
UNSC Cryo Bay 2nd steps
This really is such a simple build. The only thing to watch out for is dropping some of those little parts and having the roll away under furniture.
UNSC Cryo Bay 3rd steps cryo tube
The Cryo Tube takes shape above. This cryo tube is essentially the same as the one in the Forward unto Dawn set. Though we add a hinge piece to this one (seen at far right above).
UNSC Cryo Bay cryo tube connection
It’s a simple hinge design that is hidden for the most part in the final build.
UNSC Cryo Bay completed
So there it is. Nice and compact. The only thing i would have changed with this set is the baseplate. I do like that it is black. However, it’s strange shape doesn’t make it easy to connect additional cryo tube sets easily without having raised and lower portions as well as angles sticking out. That’s fairly minor though as I see this as mostly a one-purchase buy and not a multi purchase.
UNSC Cryo Bay extras
Above are the few extra pieces and below is the set with those pieces added and a slight reconfiguration. (Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy of a pic)
UNSC Cryo Bay reconfigured

Summary: The set is quick to build and can be displayed nearly anywhere. It’s an inexpensive alternative to getting the cryo bay if you don’t want to get the full Forward unto Dawn set.

Overall Rating: I give this set 9 out of 10 medals. For the price, you’re getting a nice set. I’d say the micro Cortana is the gem piece in this set. I definitely recommend getting it.



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