Halo 4 Extra XP challenges!


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We’re about to turn up the heat with new extra XP challenges throughout Halo Week: Drop Shock, allowing you to rank up your Spartan faster by playing online. With 14 daily and six weekly challenges, you’ll have the opportunity for extra XP by competing in any game mode, be it War Games, Spartan Ops, or Campaign. Daily Challenges can be earned once a day, all week long, so be sure to try and earn as many as you can each day!


To Be Precise Get 20 kills with a Precision Loadout Weapon. 5000 XP
Removalist Win 3 Matchmaking Extraction matches. 7500 XP
Rolling Thunder Earn 2 Killing Spree medals. 5000 XP 5000 XP
Baller Win 3 Matchmaking Oddball matches. 7500 XP
Deadeye Kill 20 Players with a headshot. 5000 XP
We are the Champions Win 3 Matchmaking Slayer matches. 7500 XP
Deft Hand Earn 2 Combat Skill Medals. 5000 XP
Raise the Flag Win 3 Matchmaking Capture the Flag matches. 7500 XP
In Your Face Earn 2 CQC Medals. 5000 XP
Take the Hill! Win 3 Matchmaking King of the Hill matches. 7500 XP
Got Backup Get 20 kills with a Secondary Weapon. 5000 XP
Dominator Win 3 Matchmaking Dominion matches. 7500 XP
In the Back Assassinate 2 Players. 5000 XP
Your Majesty Win 3 Matchmaking Regicide matches 7500 XP
Spray and Pray Win 3 Matchmaking Regicide matches. 6000 XP
One, Two, Three, Four… Get 200 kills with an Automatic Loadout Weapon. 10000 XP
Requiem for a Friend Earn 50 Multikill medals. 12000 XP
He is Made of Iron Complete any Campaign Mission on Heroic or higher difficulty with the Iron skull. 18000 XP
Destroyer of Grunts Kill 100 Grunts. 10000 XP
I am the 99 Percent Kill 50 Elites. 15000 XP

That is some serious XP folks!



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