Fatheads contest trivia contest question #3

I’ve already had trivia contest questions on the Promethean Knight and Elite. Now it’s time for the Crawler.

There are three types of crawler in Halo 4. Name them. If you’re the FIRST to answer correctly, you will win this: FH Crawler Junior

As per previous trivia contest questions, you must be a registered blog user to be eligible to win. You can register above by clicking on the “Register Here!” tab.

I’ll have one more question within the next couple of days. In the meantime, keep watching the blog today for the reveal of the 30% discount code for all Halo Fathead products. The code is exclusive to HaloFanForLife.com and is good between tomorrow, Sunday April 14 through Saturday April 20.


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12 thoughts on “Fatheads contest trivia contest question #3

  1. Thanks to all who replied with their answers. The question was answered correctly and quickly. The fourth Fatheads trivia contest question will come within the next couple of days. The question will center around Master Chief in some way, though I may just throw you for a loop. So, brush up on your Master Chief trivia!

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