Mega Bloks Die Cast Toy Review – Warthog

Microfigs: Red Spartan Mark V driver, Red Marine Gunner, Die-Cast Elite Minor
Accessories: 2 Base Plates (each approx 3 X 2 1/2 inches)
Special Features: Independent all wheel suspension, turret turns 360.
Dimensions: Length 3.5 inches, Width 1.5 inches, Height 2 inches

Price: $9.99 US

A very cool set from the die cast line. The microfigs do not have any articulation, however that doesn’t deter me from owning the set. I’d have preferred the UNSC figures to be green, rather than team color red. Hopefully we’ll get that sometime down the line. No assembly required, it’s ready to go right out of the box. The Die Cast figure is sure to be a collectible in the future, so don’t lose them!
As you’ll see in the pics, the gunner has a hole at the feet to snap into the turret. As well, the turret has a peg to snap into the hole of the warthog. No doubt the hole in the hog is there for later iterations, those being the rocket and gauss hog variants (At least I hope so!).
This is a perfect recreation of the bloks set with one major alteration, that being the wheel suspension. It work off of a small track system that each front and back wheels are attached to. This give the wheels the opportunity to turn slightly as well as move up and down, ala suspension. It’s a great solution for a micro set. The wheels are rubber, so no worries about scratching up anything with them.
Overall Rating: This set is fantastic. I look forward to the Rocket hog and Gauss hog variants if they are made. This is a great micro version of the larger set.
I give this set a 10 medals out of 10.
And now onto the pics…
The packaged hog.
What you get in the package:
I love how the baseplates are micro on top, yet regular blok size on the bottom! Awesome.
Here are the gunner and turret assemblies (again these are already put together in the package though).
The warthog’s peg hole and wheel suspension track system:
The display!
I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed writing it. I also hope you found it informative.

All in all a great set. I recommend getting it!

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