Podcast: Halo 4 Spartan Ops Epilogue

It’s been a long time in coming, but finally POD Dust Storm and I finally recorded our final Podcast for the first season of Spartan Ops. In this episode we talk about the final cut scene, and if there is a second season of Spartan Ops what and where could it take place.


I had SO much fun, thinking out loud and brainstorming in the episode. It was our first that we did LIVE via Twitch.tv.

While this was the last for SpOps season one, you can be sure if there is a season two, we’ll be back with more podcasts! (And I with more comic book!!!) If you haven’t seen those comic books I did for each episode, please check out these links to view each comic book:

Spartan Ops Episode 1: Departure comic book
Spartan Ops Episode 2: Artifact (comic book)
Spartan Ops Episode 3: Catherine (comic book)
Spartan Ops Episode 4 Comic Book: Didact’s Hand
Spartan Ops Episode 5 Comic Book: Memento Mori
Spartan Ops Episode 6 comic book! SCATTERED
Spartan Ops Episode 7: Invasion comic book
Spartan Ops Episode 8: Expendable Comic Book
Spartan Ops Episode 9: KEY comic book
Spartan Ops Episode 10: EXODUS comic book

or easier yet, feel free to download the whopping 160MB graphic novel (in PDF format) that includes all episodes and a little extra content not included in the individual comics.

And for everything I’ve covered on Spartan Ops, you can always go to the category section here: http://halofanforlife.com/?cat=34

I want to thank Dustin from Podtacular.com for having me on his podcast and for bringing me back each week. I had a great time recording these and I hope you good folks had fun listening to them. Dustin, thanks again man. I look forward to doing more podcasts with you, even if they aren’t Spartan ops related.


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