Mega Bloks Die Cast Toy Review – Scorpion

Microfigs: 2 Green Spartan Mark V’s, Purple Elite, Purple Grunt, DieCast Spartan Mark V
Accessories: 3 Base Plates (each approx 3 X 2 1/2 inches)
Special Features: tread sections move independently, actual treads move, cannon turns 360 and pivots up and down, cannon shoots “missle” (which is front of cannon), front driver hatch opens/closes
Dimensions: Length 4 inches (body only), Width 2.75 inches, Height 2.375 inches (not including antenna)

Price: $15.99 US (unconfirmed)

A well made set from the die cast line. The microfigs do not have any articulation, however that doesn’t deter me from owning the set. This set holds true to the larger set, with the exception of the missile button on the back of the cannon, which is a necessity. This Scorpion comes in green, which I think is a little strange since we haven’t been able to buy the full sized one in that color yet. Hopefully that will be made. The two top antennae are rubber so you won’t break them off easily. Likewise the tip of the cannon is rubber so it shouldn’t break anything, nor hurt you (just don’t shoot it straight into anyone’s eye). It doesn’t have enough force in the shot to go far, which is a good thing, so you don’t lose it.
With all the articulation the Scorpion has you can position it in many poses. Each tread section pivots up and down independently. The treads are rubber so no scratching up surfaces there (great!). The Spartan in the driver’s area can sit low and be covered up by the hatch or (as I’m doing), you can keep the plastic piece it sits on, under it, so that the microfig shows with the hatch open. I’m a solid fan of this die cast line from Mega Bloks, and highly recommend getting it. It’s a great set to further fill out your UNSC vehicles and ranks of figures.
Overall Rating: This set is fantastic. I wonder if it will come in tan or grey as it’s larger brother set did? This is a great micro version of the larger set.
I give this set a 10 medals out of 10.
And now onto the pics…
The packaging:
Instructions and contents:
The series of pics of the hatch show it opened, opened with the spartan all the way in (the plastic piece shown that it was previously sitting on), and hatch closed with spartan inside.
In this series of pics you can see how the cannon can turn and pivot. Also the button I’m pointing to is the button you push to launch the cannon missle:
These next two show how the tread sections can move independently, as well that the treads are rubber (and can move as well):
And finally the complete display (die cast figure not shown):
I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed writing it. I also hope you found it informative.

All in all a great set. I recommend getting it!

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