Toy Review: Mega Bloks UNSC Cyclops Desert Strike

This is the third of four sets my wife bought me for Father’s Day. I’m not a dad in the sense of having a human child. But we treat our dog as our “daughter.” So my wife took a little liberty there with calling these Father’s Day presents…

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Mega Bloks UNSC Cyclops Desert Strike: Set # 97007

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 3 minutes
Set Piece Count: 47
Minifig: Marine Tan/grey w/full goggle face
Weapons: SMG
Accessories: Backpack
Special Features: Cyclops has 13 points of articulation, including opening cockpit
Price: $15-17 depending on where you buy it from.

And on with the pics!

UNSC Cyclops Desert Strike packageThis packaging is all new. I really like how it shows off the cyclops as well as the window for the minifig, weapon and accessories.
UNSC Cyclops Desert Strike CARD
Here’s the card once the plastic bubble is removed. This is a nice little bonus if you’re careful with removing the bubble. Nice backdrop.
UNSC Cyclops Desert Strike Contents
The contents of the package. If you keep this carded, the cyclops looks like it’s built. But when you remove the bubble, you find it’s actually just sitting in the try not connected.
UNSC Cyclops Desert Strike Contents of bag
The above pieces are from the bag in the previous shot. Note the four pins in the upper right corner. Those are use to put the elbow and knee joints together. Most of the rest of these pieces are for the gun.
UNSC Cyclops Desert Strike cockpit-articulation
And the cyclops fully built. I like the deco on the marine. The hip joints on the cyclops aren’t wide ranging, so you’re a little limited on how you can pose the legs. However, by bending the knees and making use of the “toe” joints you can get the cyclops into some good poses.

Summary: As a toy the cyclops is a fun little set. Articulation is decent and the deco is fine. The only issue I have is the cost of the set. $15-17 is in my opinion too much. I get that Mega had to make up for all new molds for this set. (yet they used them for four versions of the cyclops) I have to wonder what Mega’s MSRP was on this and if the retailers all jacked up the price. Given the number of pieces, even if unique I feel the set should be no more than $12.

So, in this case, I suggest unless you really want this, to wait for it to go on sale. It’s a GREAT set mind you. Again, I’m not knocking the toy at all. It’s the price. When you compare this to the Mantis which sells for around $30, well, I just feel a little underwhelmed with what you get. There is one thing I think that would have made this worth the extra cost. That being a technician minifig. Adding that to the marine pilot the extra $5 for a tech would have been agreeable to me.

Overall Rating: I give this set 8.5 out of 10 medals (for the toy). Yes, I think it’s THAT good! 5 out of 10 for the price. The toy itself would have had a higher rating if the articulation was better and the hands could hold things.


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