Halo Mega Bloks Covenant Shade Turret – Toy Review

Covenant Spade Turret: Set number 96949

Build Time: 2 minutes sorting, 5 minutes build. Total 7 minutes.

Set Piece count: 68
Minifigs, Weapons and Accessories: Green Air Assault Spartan with 2 Frag grenades and Assault Rifle, Grunt (Major) with Plasma Pistol. Also a circular stand and clear bar for the Spartan to attach to by the jetpack (to appear as if flying-very cool!)
Dimensions: Height 4 inches, width and length 3 inches minus forward turrets. Add 2 inches for those to length.
Price/Value: $11.99 US

The set has 68 pieces, The set was an extremely quick build. Be careful of the small pieces. I thought I had lost on of the turret handles, only to find it on the table rolled away.

This is a great little set and relatively holds it value at the normal retail price of $11.99-12.99 depending on store. We get two minifigs that we’d pay $3.50 each for if single packed. So for an additional $5-6 we get the turret, UNSC crate, and jet pack, plus an extra Spartan Helmet. I think it’s worth the cost. WE’ve seen the Air Assault Spartan before, but not in this color. I happen to like the color choice. The grunt is an all new sculpt using the Halo Reach Major template. It’s bigger than any previous grunts by about the height of it’s head. It’s also wider by one whole stud so it fits on a 1X3 tile instead of the smaller grunt’s 1X2 stance. Excellent execution and upgrade to the Grunt mold and I look forward to getting a lot of them when they hit late in the Series 5 single packs.

I find no fault with this set other than I wish Mega would give us different weapons. I have plenty of ARs and Plasma Rifles. I’d love to see more Battle Rifles/DMRs and Needlers. Only for this reason did it not receive a perfect 10 out of ten.

Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10 medals.

Here are the images of the build in progress as well as views of the minifigs:

Click on images to see a larger version.

The box front:

What you get in the box:
The pieces sorted:
The base being put together:
The turret being put together:
Completed set:
A couple of close-ups of the turret gunner area:

Minifig views:

The Spartan had a fleck of paint missing from the helmet. Unfortunately.
All in all a great set. I highly recommend getting it!
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