Want a better look at the weapons and armor of the Champions Bundle pack?

Here’s another video preview of the Champions Bundle pack:

With the Champions Bundle pack dropping tomorrow, Halo Waypoint released the following images today.

Here are the new weapons skins with the ‘Steel Skin Pack’ portion (available for $3 separately) of the Champions Bundle Pack (click to make bigger!):

Plasma Pistol_sm Assault Rifle_sm Battle Rifle_sm DMR_sm Suppressor_sm Carbine_sm Light Rifle_sm Boltshot_sm Storm Rifle_sm Magnum_sm

I absolutely LOVE the skins for these weapons. Here I thought they were only going to be gold/wood colors. I didn’t think they’d have the wood grain, gears and other minute details. A BIG Kudos to 343 for this. FANTASTIC!!!

Here is a look at the 3 armors that are included in the ‘Infinity Armor Pack’ portion (available for $3 separately) of the Champions Bundle pack, also included in the pic is the Ricochet Armor which is part of the Bullseye Map pack (available for $6 separately). Click to make BIGGER!

CB Armors_sm

Also, don’t forget with the Bullseye pack you also get the maps Pitfall and Vertigo, and two-week advanced gameplay of Ricochet. For pics of the maps go here for Pitfall and here for Vertigo.

Now if you buy each part separately you’ll pay $12. So why not just get the WHOLE Champions Bundle pack and save yourself $2!

Personally I think this is SO worth it. Some really great graphics for the weapons skins, 4 sets of armor, 2 maps, early access to the Ricochet gametype, oh and don’t forget there are also several new stances and extras weapons skins as a BONUS if you purchase the Champions Bundle as a whole….

Champions drops tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on “Want a better look at the weapons and armor of the Champions Bundle pack?

  1. personally i dont like the way they remake the odst armor, it looks exactly like the air assault armor more than the odst, where is the edge of the visor and the shape of the shoulder plates, that and the rest of the armors (except ricochet) are too square,
    i feel that armors a bit uninspired, but at least the rest looks good, maybe its time to play halo 4 a bit again.

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