Halo World Championship this weekend!

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In less than a week, the top 16 Halo teams from around the globe fly to Hollywood, CA, to compete at the Halo World Championship 2016 for the title of champions and their share of the $2.5 million prize pool. It’s been a long journey for many of these competitors; some are just starting their career in Halo esports while others have been playing Halo at its highest level for over a decade! In preparation for the tournament this weekend, here’s a quick rundown of what’s coming up this week and over the weekend – including a special tune-in bonus.

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Halo World Championship North American Qualifier results

Well, as if we didn’t know the outcome already, Evil Geniuses takes another tournament. The are unstoppable. Here is the bracket for the final eight.

HCS NA qual 2016Too bad this wasn’t a double elimination. I’d have liked to have seen CLG get another shot at moving up.

I really want to get into Halo eSports more, but with ONE team dominating like this, it’s actually a bit boring to me. Not hating on EG, I just always like to see underdogs pull off the seemingly impossible.


Halo World Championship Qualifiers this weekend on Twitch!

This Saturday and Sunday, will be the first qualifiers for the Halo World Championship.

Check out all three segments of the tourney on the following twitch channels:
ESL: twitch.tv/esluk (German Qualifier)
GFinity: twitch.tv/gfinitytv (United Kingdom Qualifier)
MLG: twitch.tv/halo OR mlg.tv/halo (North American Qualifier)

HCS 12-18 weekendSo will you be watching this weekend? If so, which matches? I know for sure I’ll be watching the MLG one. Not sure about the others.



Halo Champion Series skins coming in December!

Be on the lookout for a content update that should include the following HCS skins:

imageimageThe official word hasn’t been given as to exactly when. Also, near in mind that these may be handed out to HCS participants first, then added to the REQ system in Halo 5.

Once I get definitive info on this, I’ll let you know.



Halo World Championship 2016

PRIZE POOL (As of this writing)





Since the the first LAN was played in 2001, fans have created epic moments and stories in Halo multiplayer – from hometown heroes to the world’s top players. Over the years, dynasties have ruled and fallen, new champions have emerged, and the pages of the Halo esports history books have been written. The upcoming Halo World Championship is the biggest Halo tournament to date, and will celebrate the rich and storied history of Halo esports – the moments, stories, and players – while signifying the beginning of a new chapter of Halo 5 esports, an ongoing, long-term esports investment for 343 Industries and Xbox. The Halo World Championship is nearly upon us – read below for a breakdown of new upcoming Halo Championship Series REQs, region-specific info, rules and regulations, and more. Continue reading

Halo World Championship Regions and Prizing UPDATE

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The first ever Halo World Championship kicks off this winter! Qualification for the global tournament will begin in December, with the grand finals culminating in March of 2016. The largest Halo tournament in history will discover the top teams from around the globe, with 16 teams at the final event. The various regions will be represented as follows in the grand finals:

  • Top 8 teams from North America
  • Top 4 teams from Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Top 2 teams from Australia and New Zealand
  • Top team from Asia

Earlier this year, we announced that the tournament prize pool would start at $1,000,000, and today, we’re excited to announce that thanks to your REQ Pack crowdfunding, an additional $500,000 has already been added to the pool. This sets the current Halo World Championship prize pool at $1,500,000, and the total continues to grow each day.

HFFL: Wow, only a week in and people has spent $500K for REQ packs…I bet that’s more than 343 had anticipated.


$1 Million Halo World Championship!

Yep, 343/Microsoft is putting on a whopper of a Halo tournament. The total prize pool will be $1 million dollars. Watch the vid below, then some comments form me.

Okay, it’s cool and all that MS is really backing Halo. However, I have strong reservations that at high stakes tournament is going to bring Halo back to the forefront of eSports. Yes, in the temporary, it will. Might get some of the former pro Halo players to come back to Halo or at least split their time between it and COD. But it will really have to prove itself with the whole of the community when the game releases in October, if it’s to have any eSports longevity. Continue reading

ESL, the Future for Competitive Halo?

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ESL has now been a part of the Halo community for two seasons and a lot has changed since they joined, but have all of the changes been good?

Online cups

Right when ESL partnered with 343, they didn’t hesitate to promote their weekly cup system. This was something that the Halo community didn’t have before and were really excited to compete in. The cups gave amateur players a place to compete in when there were no events and gave the professional players a bit of competition every week. The cups were also free and had money on the line so it allowed the cups to be very exciting to watch on stream. Continue reading

eSports making PED rules! (Performance Enhancing Drugs)

It’s about time this happened. I’ve suspected for sometime that pro-players have found ways to ‘cheat’ the system. When it was recently said by a pro-player that he and his team took Adderal to help with their performance, some in the industry were shocked. I wasn’t. As with physical sports, it seems competitors of all types will do whatever they can to gain an edge until the rules change.

Below is a paraphrase from an article on eslgaming.com.

Now those rules are changing. ESL is leading the charge to create rules against PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs). They have partnered with NADA (the Nationale Anti Doping Agentur, HQ’d in Germany) to create an anti-PED policy. They are also meeting with WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) to help with enforcing these new rules and policies in the U.S. Asia and Australia.

Source: http://www.eslgaming.com/news/esl-leads-anti-ped-initiative-esports-support-nada-2170

Watch Halo to Win an Xbox One

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By 343 Industries

Professional gamers aren’t the only winners at the Halo Championship Series Indianapolis. Get in on the action by watching the tournaments this weekend for a chance to win an Xbox One Special Edition Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle.  Continue reading

This Weekend: HCS Indianapolis by PGL

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Season 2 of the Halo Championship Series is nearing its conclusion, and we’ve got just one more LAN tournament in regular season play! HCS Indianapolis is this weekend and not only will teams be fighting for their share of $50,000, but they’ll also be fighting for their spot in the Season 2 Finals next month at the HCS Season 2 Finals by ESL in Burbank, California. Taking a look at the current standings, Evil Geniuses has continued their domination, winning six out of the eight total tournaments this season. They certainly seem to be the favorites going into the tournament, but hot on their heels are Denial and Winterfox – both of whom are hungry for victory. This will also be the first HCS LAN tournament in which the legendary esports organization Team Liquid makes their appearance. Lead by Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Team Liquid will be looking to solidify their place in the Season 2 Finals. Continue reading

HCS season 2, Cup 1 results

HCS Banner_smFirst Place: Winterfox  Prize Money: $1,500 + 150 HCS points.
Team Roster: Randa, RyaNoob, Naded, Arkanum

Second Place: Denial eSports  $1,000 + 100 HCS points.
Team Roster: aPG, Heinz, Chig, Mikwen

Third Place: Evil Geniuses $600 + 75 HCS points
Team Roster: Snip3down, Lunchbox, Roy, LethuL

Fourth Place: Cloud9 $300 + 50 HCS points.
Team Roster: Victory X, FearItSelf, Hysteria, iGotUrPistola

Fifth/Sixth place: Counter Logic Gaming 35 HCS Points
Team Roster: OGRE2, Cloud, Snakebite, Royal 2

Fifth/Sixth place eXcellence 35 HCS Points
Team Roster: Coby, eL ToWn, Frosty, UNLEGIT

Seventh/Eighth place Annex 25 HCS Points
Team Roster: Nerdy, WinntuR, Jeremiah, Sargoth

Seventh/Eighth place OpTic Halo 25 HCS Points
Team Roster: Flamesword, Ace, Assault, MaNiaC