Halo/Ghost in the Shell Forge Contest!


With each month that passes, the Halo community continues to surprise us with the unique maps created in Halo 5’s Forge mode on both Xbox One and Windows 10. To celebrate the Halo World Championship, we’ve partnered with Paramount Pictures and the upcoming film Ghost in the Shell, and are excited to reveal the Forge community’s next challenge – the Ghost In the Shell Halo 5 Forge Contest! Continue reading

Atriox Halo Wars Pixel Art Billboard!

I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could make a billboard for Halo Wars 2 using Atriox’s face. Given that we are limited in pieces in Halo 5’s Forge, I knew ahead of time that this was going to look pixelated at the end. So I used my math skills to determine how big the pieces needed to be to relatively fill a Billboard piece in Forge, then went to work in Photoshop creating the necessary pixels turn greenscreen pieces.

I took this reddish image of Atriox: hw2-atrioxblogbanner-6a261a742ef643d6bd74cca6e7534620

Blew it up so that it was mostly his face and some of his shoulder armor.

I posterized this so as to give me just 8 colors.

From there, I broke it down to large squares that when translated to Forge pieces would be equivalent to 2X2 greenscreen pieces. Pixelated Atriox Continue reading

Classic Helmets return TODAY!

The day is finally here! We will be able to get our hands on these classic helmets later today via a special REQ Pack!


The pack will set you back either 150K REQ Points or if you really want them and dont’ want to grind the points, you can purchase it for $10 (US).

I for one am excited for these. I’ll be taking turns with Recon, Operator, EOD, Pilot and my fav of this bunch, the CQB helmet!

Look for a Halo update on your console some time in the afternoon. As soon as I know the update is available, I”ll tweet it out here: @HaloFanForLife

Which reminds me, if you are on twitter and haven’t followed me yet, please do. Every article I post here gets a tweet there. So you’ll be able to stay up on HFFL even better!

Night of the Mantis!

I’ve had a chance to play this new COMMUNITY-MADE minigame over the past several days. Let me say it is FANTASTIC! Honestly, I didn’t think something like this was possible in Forge. It just shows the absolute POWER of scripting in Halo 5’s Forge!

The following is a partial repost from Waypoint, with my commentary in BLUE as usual.


A game mode that’s been taking the Forge world by storm, Night of the Mantis, caught our attention as well. In this minigame made by Julianoz1224, the only objective is to protect your base from waves of Mantises. While taking down Mantises, you earn points to purchase new weapons, grenades, and power ups that will in turn help fight off future waves. Julianoz recommends playing with four or fewer players, but the difficulty does scale for five to nine players, and then gets even more difficult with ten or more players.

HFFL: Folks, I can tell you for a fact, the difficulty DOES increase. I’ve played this with as few as 4 people and as many as 8. It gets a lot harder with 8, especially when you play it on harder difficulties!

The different types of Mantis you will face. Each type will reward your team with different points, as seen on the table below.notm-mantises-21188436d7fc44788c9e7a9fc0705ce8

HFFL: The fact that Julianoz was able to script each Mantis differently speaks not only to what you can do with Forge, but his mastery of scritping it as well! Continue reading

Halo 5 Custom BTB Map: Sanghelios Trench

The folks at forgelabs have done it again! Sanghelios Trench is a reimagining of Blood Gulch with lots of GREAT extras! This map totally looks dev made, especially when you compare it to the original Blood Gulch. Check it out below and be sure to watch it all for some fun gameplay!

You can download the map HERE

Here are some screenshots forgelabs captured from the map:


Halo Update: Monitor’s Bounty PREVIEW

Whew, it’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted an update. To be fair, the last couple of months haven’t seen any real significant updates. That changes with December’s update!

The following is a reblog from Waypoint, with my remarks in BLUE.

Well folks, the hour has finally come. It’s no surprise that this time of year exudes a spirit of gift-giving, and we couldn’t be more excited to help you unwrap a very special present from us to you: Monitor’s Bounty. Halo 5’s latest content release is an epic salvo of experience-enhancing additions, from new weapons, armor, and skins, to brand new ways to build and play, all alongside the biggest Forge update ever seen in a Halo game. In fact, we’ve got so much in store that we’ve split up the reveal across two days.

Today, we’re excited to begin our bountiful breakdown of everything that’s in store for your hungry hard drives on Thursday, Dec. 8. That’s right, baby – the day after tomorrow. Be sure to return to Waypoint tomorrow for deep dives into Forge, Canon Fodder, Warzone, and Playlists.

To kick off this party, let’s take a look at all the free REQ items heading your way in Monitor’s Bounty.


HFFL: I will have a short breakdown of this some time tomorrow. For now though…HOLY CRAP, CQB and EOD! Loving the Reach Pilot helmet too. Hmm, I wonder if that means we’ll get a ‘Haunted” version too???? Continue reading

HFFL Spartan Company Commendations to work on.

Below are the remaining level 3 commendations the HFFL Spartan Company needs to work on to get the Achilles armor.

HFFL Commendations Aug 16 to get

We are getting very close on the top 4 of those. It’s the bottom 3 we need to pay attention to.

I will accept new members until August 16. At that time, new membership will be suspended until such time as we get the Achilles armor. Then I will once again open it up for new members. This is to ensure that people aren’t just joining to get the armor, then leave.

If you want to join, you have 11 days in which to do so. Send a request to join here:


There should be a link there for you to sign up. In doing so, you MUST be VERY active. Since we are very close to getting the armor, I will not allow for inactive people to sign up and get the armor for no work towards it. I will be monitoring member activity DAILY. From Aug 16 until we get the armor. New members that join between now and the 16 MUST play at least 20 games within three days (straight). If you cannot maintain this amount of gameplay, you will be removed from the company. Members who are currently in will be monitored for activity but on a different scale as most of those have been members for awhile.

Also, to all of my Lieutenants of the Company, from Aug 16 until we get the Armor, you will be temporarily demoted to member. This is to ensure that we do not get a flux of new members without my knowledge, and more importantly, ones who are not active.

So recruit now!

Halo 5 Assault Preview Playlist

This is a reblog from Halo Waypoint: 


Today, we’re launching a new Assault Preview playlist that will allow players to get a look at some of the updates that the multiplayer team has been working on. To get you the details, we hand things over to the multiplayer team:

When we launched Assault with the Hammer Storm release back in February, it was received well by players as it was chaotic and a change of pace from Capture the Flag and Strongholds. Over time, we saw some feedback around the feeling of fairness and scoring, and have been working to make updates to improve the mode.  Continue reading

My first day thoughts of Halo 5’s Firefight official post beta release.

WZ FF banner MSG

So Warzone Firefight finally dropped yesterday. It’s a whopping 7GB download. For me it downloaded pretty quick.

I had a minor glitch in that I couldn’t choose the WASP. I had to restart my XBOX One to get it to work. (SO do that if it doesn’t work for you)

Anyway, as soon as this dropped, I immediately got into Firefight. Now at first the REQs weren’t available. It took about an hour or two. Once they were there to get though, I bought them all. I had saved up more than 500K REQ Points. So I was set. Continue reading

MOAR June Update pics!!!

Just released are the following pics of much of the June update! Enjoy. (And if you share these, please just give me a quick credit in your share that you found them here on HaloFanForLife.com, thanks)

The starting items on Tidal.Halo 5 Guardians Forge Tidal Time to Forge

Some shots of the new armor sets in action!Halo 5 Guardians Arena Molten Pinned Continue reading

Warzone Firefight Comes to Halo 5: Guardians on June 29

This is a reblog from XBOX.com: 


Since the launch of Halo 5: Guardians last October, fans have had a steady stream of free new maps, game modes, armors, weapon skins and additional customization options to look forward to each month. The eighth and latest free content releaseWarzone Firefight – named after the eponymous new mode – is the biggest expansion to Halo 5: Guardians yet and will arrive next Wednesday on June 29!

HFFL: Note that says ‘latest’ not LAST free content…. Continue reading

More Firefight Pics and video!

IGN just released a video on some of the new stuff coming to Firefight. It heavily features the new vehicles.

Here are some key screenshot from the video:

Here are four successive pan shots of the Gruntbuster (Yes, I know it’s the Goblin, but I like my name better, LOL).Gruntbuster Pan_SM

Here we see the Goblin charging right at us, with the Wasp coming in for the kill as well.Wasp N Gruntbuster Continue reading

HFFL Spartan Company Commendations as of 6-7-16

We’re getting much closer to unlocking the Achilles Armor!

The graphic below shows our Spartan Company Commendation progress as of this writing (6-7-16). I took the liberty adding the bigger numbers to highlight where we’re at and which one we need to focus on.

The level 3 commendations are the most important to get to the next level as that means we will have unlocked the Achilles armor.

SparComp Commendations 6-7-16 v3 Continue reading

Arena Multiplayer Summer Update

This is a reblog from Halo Waypoint:


After weeks of internal testing, feedback from the Team Arena Summer Preview playlist, and multiple rounds of feedback with Pro League teams, we’ve locked on final map layouts as well as map and game type combinations for Team Arena and the HCS Pro League. As of today, the Team Arena playlist will reflect the official HCS Pro League maps and game types.

The following game types will be played for the start of Pro League. As a note, extensive testing was done with the Assault game type, and at this time it has been determined that the game type could use some extra tuning before being integrated into Pro League play. The multiplayer team will continue working with Pro League teams on feedback and updates for future consideration. Continue reading