HFFL Spartan Company Commendations as of 6-7-16

We’re getting much closer to unlocking the Achilles Armor!

The graphic below shows our Spartan Company Commendation progress as of this writing (6-7-16). I took the liberty adding the bigger numbers to highlight where we’re at and which one we need to focus on.

The level 3 commendations are the most important to get to the next level as that means we will have unlocked the Achilles armor.

SparComp Commendations 6-7-16 v3 Continue reading

HFFL’s Official Halo 5 Spartan Company: Progress towards Achilles Armor!

Folks, if you still have not joined a Spartan Company or are unhappy with the one you’re in for whatever reason, consider joining HFFL’s Spartan Company.

We’ve just recently gone over 50 members of the 100 member limit cap.

HFFL SparCom member size

As well, we are progressing nicely towards the Achilles Armor that is exclusive to only those persons who have joined a Spartan Company AND have completed level 3 in ALL company Kill Commendations. The Helmet is achieved by completing level 5 of all kill commendations. Continue reading

HFFL’s Halo 5 Guardians Spartan Company!

With the recent announcement of Spartan Companies for Halo 5 Guardians, you just had to know that I would set one up for HFFL.

So here’s a little about the official HFFL company…

HFFL Spartan Company banner

As per rules on Waypoint, you need to have at minimum 4 persons to constitute an active Spartan Company. This happened very quickly for HFFL and I got the following message on Waypoint.

HFFLs Official Spartan CompanyNow as the company is active, each person that joins will receive a REQ pack for use in Halo 5. Continue reading

Special Halo 2 Themed HFFL Community Night tonight! 11/7/14

Tonight to usher in the Halo Master Chief Collection, HFFL will be holding a special Halo 2 themed Community Night. We’ll be playing on maps in halo 4 that have been dutifully made to look like Halo 2 maps.

I’ll have as close to Halo 2 settings as possible. While it won’t be the exact thing, it will be somewhat close. This is in part to get you prepared for the maps and again a way to honor the upcoming release of the HMCC!

Start time is 8 pm EST. I have this planned for 3 hours, however, if people want to continue on past that, I’m all for it!

I hope to see you there!!!


HFFL Community Night starts at 8pm EST tonight!

Tonight starting at 8pm EST, is the HFFL Community Night. We’ll start off with some of the newly revealed racing maps from the Community Forge playlist. Then move to other customs. From there we’ll go into matchmaking. The playlist we go into will be determined by the amount of people we have in the group. We run tip about midnight. If people still want to game, we continue on gaming.

This is a great opportunity if you’ve not played with the HFFL community to get in a game night with us. If you’re looking for a fun casually/competitive community, this could be the one for you. We play to win, and have fun doing so.

If you want to join in tonight, send me a message over XBOX Live and let me know. My gamer tag is: HaloFanForLife1 Let me know you saw this article on the blog.

I look forward to having some fun tonight and hope you’ll join me and the rest of the HFFL crew.


2nd Annual HFFL LANstravaganza update: Prizes

HFFL 2014 LAN logo

Yesterday, I received a small box from Mega Brands (makers of Halo Mega Bloks). Inside were a couple of prizes as well as the following 2014 convention exclusive figures.

HFFL convention giveaway

I was a little perplexed why I received Call of Duty figs since this is a Halo only site. I contacted Mega and they said the CoD figs were sent by mistake and that they’ll try to get out more of the Halo figs to me. SO for now I have 15 each of the Halo and CoD 2014 exclusive figs. I’m sure some of the fellas coming to the LAN would like to have the CoD fig. Whatever is left, I’ll give away, though not on this site. I’ll post details of that after the LAN.


2nd Annual HFFL LANstravaganza Schedule of events

HFFL 2014 LAN logo

Okay folks, were two weeks out from the LAN. So I figured this would be a good time to post what the schedule of will be. Before I start that, let me state a few things. Photos will be taken throughout. By coming to the LAN, you consent to have your photo taken without reimbursement in any form. Photos will be used for Blog purposes, such as the LAN recap and possibly as part of background images for the Blog’s home page.

Alcohol is bring your own. You MUST be 21 with a valid license to bring and drink on the premises. NO exceptions. If I feel you are unfit to drive, you are NOT to drive. Rather you will be instructed to call someone to get you, be that friend, family or taxi. (Cost to yourself, not HFFL). This is a family type gathering, so please behave as such. Remember, I have to continue to live here after everyone else leaves. Bad behavior will not be tolerated. Be forewarned that we have police as neighbors. Again, act respectfully. Okay, on with the schedule:

Smoking is not permitted on the property. There will be a receptacle just outside of the property fence for you to smoke by and dispose of your cigarette butts. (I have breathing problems, so please be mindful and respectful of that, thanks.)

No one is permitted to come to the LAN without paying full admission. This is due to the need to cover the equipment and food/beverages cost, as well as the cost for some of the prizes. Continue reading

2nd Anniversary HFFL LANstravaganza update.

HFFL 2014 LAN logo

Okay folks, I need for those of you who are coming to the LAN to please e-mail me with your confirmation of such. If you have anyone else you will be bringing (and that is SOLID for attending, not just possible), please include that in your e-mail as well. If you have more that will attend with you after you send the e-mail, please send me an update by e-mail so that I may include them into the number of attendees. Continue reading

Added two new members to the HFFL Gaming Group roster!

MaC Rounds Crimson logo 4C VECTOR 6in

Please welcome NobleCorps862 and Ryy7hmicW4rrior to the HFFL Gaming Group. Having satisfied the requirements of membership in the group, these fellows are now part of Bravo Squad in the HFFL Gaming Group.

I’ve updated the roster page to reflect their membership as well as changed a couple of gamer tags for those who recently changed them.

If YOU would like to be a member of the HFFL Gaming Group, please see the roster page for requirements and rules: HFFL Gaming Group Roster


HFFL Community Night tomorrow AND Mixer!

I will be a special guest on Podcast Evolved tomorrow. They stream live starting at 6pm. twitch.tv/podcast_evolved.

Right after the podcast, we’ll be going into Halo 4. Podcast Evolved will bring their folks and I hope that some of you folks will join in with me so that we can have a good turnout for a mixed community night. We’ll likely play a few games against each other’s communities, then mix the teams up with some from each group on each team.

HFFL Community night starts at 8pm and will continue on until Midnight EST.

If you want to join in on the fun, message me on XBOX Live at GT= HaloFanForLife1

I hope to see you there!


Update for the 2nd Annual HFFL LANstravaganza (Halo LAN party)

I’ve got some good news folks!

On Friday, I received an e-mail back from Mega Bloks, regarding them sponsoring the LAN. They have agreed!

MB grey logo

There will door prizes for each attendee.
As well, there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of the FFA Tournament held during the LAN. There will be a 2v2 tourney as well with prizes.

As to what those are specifically, that information will be released closer to the LAN. Of course they are Halo Mega Bloks related…LOL.

As always, keep checking back to the LAN page for updated info in case you miss it during regular blog posts.


A new Halo 4 map to be revealed on Friday!

Please join me on Friday for the weekly HaloFanForLife (HFFL) Community Night.

This Friday I will unveil a new map in Halo 4 I’ve created. It might seem slightly familiar if you’ve been paying attention to the Halo news lately…

One loadout, NO Infinity drops, 4v4. The map is set for slayer and with just a few additional items, I’ll have it ready for CTF as well.

What it is, where it is, and what it’s called will be kept secret until Friday 8pm EST. Come out if you want to experience a brand new HFFL map, inspired by recent Halo news!

I hope to see you then!


HFFL Community night tonight from 8pm-Midnight EST!

Last Friday’s HFFL Community night was a blast. I decided then to have this every week.

hffl for sal

Come and join me and other HFFL folks tonight. Starting at 8 pm tip Midnight EST, we’ll be playing in Halo 4. We’ll start with some customs then move into matchmaking. What playlist we go into will be determined by party size so that none is left behind.

You do not have to be there the whole time. You can show up at first and leave early, show up in the middle and stay for the rest or leave early. However you want to get some gaming time in is fine.

To be a part of the gaming session, message me over XBOX Live starting at 7:45pm EST. Let me know you want an invite to join in the fun. My gamer tag is: HaloFanForLife1.

It’s preferred that you have a mic so as to help with team communication, but not necessary. I look forward to seeing all who turn out tonight!