HFFL Gaming Group Official Members list.

If you don’t see the name here, they are NOT a member of HFFL’s gaming group.

HaloFanForLife1 – Founder

Dijabouti – Alpha Squad member, Laughs at all my puns…
• HFFL Big Cheese – Alpha Squad member, (formerly “TheBigCheese320”)
HFFL Big Kiwi – Alpha Squad member, ALSO fellow co-host of the Spirit of Fire Podcast.
PensHALO – Alpha Squad member, Huge Pittsburgh Penguins Fan
TheHal0Array – Alpha Squad member, ALSO fellow co-host of the Spirit of Fire Podcast.

NobleCorps862 – Bravo Squad member
• Rhy7hmicW4rrior – Bravo Sqaud member, Makes cool pipe cleaner Halo figures!

Indigo Squad (now inactive members) To be considered active again, you must game frequently with me on XBOX. once or twice a month won’t cut it.
• ExR Impacts – Indigo Squad member (Alpha)

Those listed above as “Alpha Squad members” are those who joined the group at launch. Subsequent members will be assigned to other squad names. This is ONLY to differentiate when they joined and is NOT to be misconstrued as being in a lower tier.

If you’d like to be a part of a casual/competitive gaming group, send me an invite. We’ll get some games in with you first. If I feel you’ll be a good fit for the group, then you’re in.

Here are the basic rules with which you MUST follow if you are to be considered for membership or to remain a member once your in the group:

 You must be a registered subscriber to the blog. (Twitter and Facebook followers wanting to be a part of this must register on the blog)
You must have a working headset to hear us and communicate back. So no listeners only… Communication is KEY to be a productive team member and team work.
 You will NOT need to change your gamer tag. To be associated with HFFL’s gaming group you will need to include the blog’s homepage link “halofanforlife.com” in your XBOX Live Bio and maybe a sentence either before or after stating why people should visit the site. Something along the lines of “For news on all things Halo, go to halofanforlife.com.” The point being is that you are actively promoting the site by which you belong to the gaming group there of.
 You attend at least 2 HFFL community events per month. Barring that if you regularly show up to game with me but can’t make community nights, that’s fine. Just don’t sign up to be in the group, only to be inactive.
 Should you wish to change your gamertag to reflect HFFL, the cost is upon yourself. If you do change it, I would like it to have HFFL at the beginning of your tag.
 As a member of HFFL, you will conduct yourself accordingly. Keep online cussing to a minimum. No trash talking to the opposite team. Only in rare cases might I allow it.
 No T-bagging opponents. It’s tacky and isn’t appropriate. Again though, if the other team is being a real douche, well, I may overlook this. But ONLY in extreme circumstances.
 Age requirement: You MUST be at least 18 years of age or older. Halo is a “R” rated game, so if you are younger than 18, you shouldn’t be playing the game. Neither I nor the gaming group will be held responsible for corrupting a minor. That is on the parents for allowing them to play a game rated higher than the child’s age. NO EXCEPTIONS to that rule.
 You must not be a member in another gaming group currently. If you are, then you can be a community friend of HFFL, but not a full member of the HFFL gaming group. Noone under 14 can be a community member, no exceptions there. If you say you are 14 and are actually younger, neither I of the gaming group will NOT be held responsible.
 During members night, if you are participating, you must change your emblem to the HFFL gaming group emblem. You can change it back afterwards if you wish. This is to show solidarity while playing as a group.

The official emblem for the HFFL gaming group is the Valkyrie with the Cleft background. The sword is white, the wings are ice and the Cleft is steel. See below.

MaC Rounds Crimson logo 4C VECTOR 6in

I expect you to follow the rules of the group. If you have suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear you out. Arguing with me will not be tolerated.

I reserve the right to change the rules as I see fit. I also reserve the right to expel members without any forward notice. Hopefully this won’t be needed though. I’m posting it, just in case.

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