New Halo Art finds on Pinterest!

The following are some of the Halo art I found on Pinterest today. Did you know HFFL has a Pinterest page? Yep! You can always check it by clicking on the link in the blogroll to the right.

On with the finds!

Requiem Concept ArtA particularly fetching concept pic of Requiem. I like this version better than what was actually in the game. Yes, even though or maybe because it looks like a rendition of the Death Star.

The Arbiter

While this pic is only titled ‘Arbiter’, I have to think this is Ripa Moramee. However, those tendrils (possibly Gravemind) and the Halo ring in the distance say otherwise.

[UPDATE] I’ve been informed by ‘Louis Wu’ that the above Arbiter pic was created in 2006, so it’s likely not Ripa Moramee. Thanks for the info!

Master Cheif in blueMaster Chief in BLUE. Not a completely new piece of art as it seems to use an asset directly from Halo 4. Still, I like the blue affect surrounding our favorite Spartan.

Brute ChopperOkay, tell me you don’t miss the Brutes and their badass Chopper? These guys were the ruffians, bikers, etc. of the Halo universe. We NEED to have them back in it. Thankfully, we will in the upcoming Dark Horse Halo comic ‘Escalation’ coming this winter.

Holo table

I think this is a direct asset from Halo 3: ODST. Whether or not it is, it’s still VERY cool. I totally dig the holo table!

Finally, be sure to download and enlarge this next graphic. It’s a timeline of the Halo universe. VERY good to have for any Halo fan’s reference!

Halo Time lineEnjoy and again, please feel free to download any of these and/or go to my Pinterest page to see these and MORE Halo art from all over the planet!


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