HaloFanForLife’s Minimalist Halo Characters: #7 Crawler

Is it day 7 already? Wow…. Now I’m wishing I made more of these! Well, there are still 7 more reveals, though only 5 days left of showing them as I’m revealing the last three on the 12th day of this Halo minimalist art project.

Yesterdays sneak peek should have been pretty easy to guess based on the appendages. Why it’s a Crawler of course!

Minimalist Alpha Crawler_sm

I went back and forth with this one. I had got it down to 5 colors, but it was looking a bit washed out. TOO minimalist, if you ask me. So I put in two more colors and BAM, it popped out more. I realize this may not look as minimalist as some of the others.

Here is the first one I did of this with less colors:

Minimalist Alpha Crawler_sm v2

So which do you prefer? The more detailed, more color version? Or, the less detailed, less color version?

The preview for day 8 is definitely a bit fuzzy, intentionally. Do you have a guess as to who, what it is?

day 8 blackened

I have to say that I’ve been enjoying showing these to you all, even if in low-resolution. Again, the reason for them being so lo-res is so that if someone else tries to “steal” the artwork for themselves and post it elsewhere, they’ve only got the lo-res version. I don’t mind if people share, but many won’t give proper credit, not link back to the original site they found the art. So I’m curtailing that as much as possible here. As I mentioned, the hi-resolution versions of these will be made available  (of a sorts) after all have been revealed.

Are you liking this series so far? What has been your favorite? Any guesses as to who/what may be in the rest of the series?

A bigger version of this and all of the other minimalist pieces will be available after they’ve all been shown. Stay tuned for more details on that.

I recreated these in Adobe Illustrator using some fun techniques and refining some of the shapes. I tried to use as few colors as possible yet show enough detail so that each character was instantly recognizable.


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