HaloFanForLife’s Minimalist Halo Characters: #12 ODST

Today is the last day of my Halo minimalist project. As such, I’m revealing not one, not two, but THREE art pieces today. This is the first of those three.

I’m sure you could guess today’s first reveal was a human, but did you know who/what?

It’s an ODST! Specifically Buck, though I changed the color palette for him.

Minimalist ODST_sm

This one was only 6 colors. I liked that much of him blended with the background. In this way it shows how ODSTs drop behind enemy lines.

As I mentioned, this is but the first of today’s three reveals. Who or what might be the last two?

Here is the second of day 12’s previews:

day 12 extra 1_sm

I’ll let you all think of what or who this might be. CHeck back later today for this reveal as well as the preview of the final art piece in this project!

A bigger version of this and all of the other minimalist pieces will be available after they’ve all been shown. Stay tuned for more details on that.

I recreated these in Adobe Illustrator using some fun techniques and refining some of the shapes. I tried to use as few colors as possible yet show enough detail so that each character was instantly recognizable.


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